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8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns are a great way to guide your leads through each stage of the buying cycle, moving them towards a purchase. By providing valuable content and meeting a prospect’s needs at each stage, you’ll stay top of mind and position your company for the sale. 38 more words

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The Evolution of the Marketing Department

At what point does an organization actually need a Marketing department? There’s an evolutionary process that follows a natural progression.  See if this looks familiar to you: 173 more words

Marketing Strategy

3 Marketing Tasks You Need to Do in September

September is a great month, one of my personal favs to be honest.  Why do I love Fall so much?  Well because it marks the start to several things I love…school, the holidays and cooler weather. 383 more words

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Classic Marketing Rules - 80/20

Time for another “old school rule”.  For over one hundred years the Pareto Principle, aka the 80/20 rule, has been used by smart marketers to evaluate and improve their customer acquisition and retention efforts. 217 more words

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The Data Fact Gap

I’ve been working with a client for a few months now. They work in a field that is a little off my usual path: predictive analytics. 542 more words

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You NEED It: How to Maximize Your Marketing Effectiveness

There is one concept at the core of all successful marketing:

The fulfillment of needs determines motivation. Motivation drives action.

This truth is universal. All purchase decisions are a direct result of the motivation of consumers to fulfill a set of needs. 451 more words


Why I Love Two Small New England Schools…That Are Not My Alma Mater

Jay here. As many of you know, I graduated from Bryant University in Rhode Island. It’s a great school and I’m still very involved. Bryant has done a wonderful job improving its brand, growing its reputation and enrollment, and making my degree more valuable. 528 more words

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