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Get a Business Loan in Just 36 Emails!

A few months ago I requested a working capital loan from a loan officer at a bank that I’ve worked with for five years.

“Let’s see what we can do” was the response.   660 more words

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Create loyal customers by solving your competitors' problems

Jay here.  At dinner recently, a friend talked about a service experience he had with his home theater system.  He ended the story by stating that he would “never buy anywhere else”. 840 more words

Marketing Strategy

Is storytelling dead?

I came across a post recently on the Explore B2B blog urging marketers to stop storytelling. On seeing the headline I thought I would disagree with the idea but after reading the article in full I could see where the author was coming from. 326 more words

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How to Create Your First DFW Radio Ad

So your boss has asked you to write your company’s first radio ad. Congratulations! Here are some tips from advertising and marketing experts to help you create a more effective spot. 589 more words

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Marketing 3 Step - Seth Godin's Ladder

Quick, quick, slow, slow. You don’t have to be a “Dancing with the Stars” Pro dancer to enjoy Two-Stepping. That’s why the Texas Two-Step is famous for being easy and fun. 176 more words

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Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness

I love this line – the title of a book by Scott Ginsberg from 2012.

For me it sums up what marketing is all about. While others may judge us on the impact of an individual event, video etc we should be judged on consistently delivering results that will allow our businesses to achieve their goals. 738 more words

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Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Dallas Businesses

Not every company has the budget needed for a large-scale marketing campaign, whether it’s inbound or outbound. This is especially true for smaller Dallas businesses. If you own a smaller company, don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to effectively market your brand. 579 more words

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