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A successful business is built on customer successes

In spite of the growing sophistication in technology, not the least of which includes the flourishing area of digital marketing, a new business opportunity is often won or lost simply by whether your prospect feels convinced of the true value that you are offering them. 1,104 more words

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Real Loyalty vs. Deal Loyalty (part 1)

Note: This is an “encore” post from our Loyalty Leaders blog…

Let’s discuss something fundamental to customer loyalty. When you break it down to the basic of basics, customers are loyal to your brand either because you pay them for it or despite the fact that you don’t. 437 more words

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The CMO's Guide to Marketing Automation

You’d be forgiven for thinking “marketing automation” is an odd if not contradictory term. Until recently, those two words were rarely, if ever, mentioned in the same breath. 56 more words

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What Does Your Digital Marketing Technology Stack Look Like?

According to VentureBeat there are about 1,4000 marketing-tech vendors touting solutions that can drive ROI, increase visitors, and raise revenue; so even the most experienced, up-to-date marketer gets overwhelmed. 27 more words

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Marketing Automation Can Help Startups Sell Like the Big Brands

A startup is arguably most vulnerable in its growth stage. Technology is the key to minimizing growing pains.

Traditionally, software solutions were tailored to different business segments to create those rapid economies of scale. 43 more words

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8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns are a great way to guide your leads through each stage of the buying cycle, moving them towards a purchase. By providing valuable content and meeting a prospect’s needs at each stage, you’ll stay top of mind and position your company for the sale. 38 more words

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