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Strategy: What you need to build an effective strategy.

It’s never too early for an organization to establish its strategic direction. You would not take a trip with your family without knowing your destination, time of arrival, and how much it will cost you to get there (at least a ski trip to the Alps has a significantly different cost associated with it than a weekend camping trip to your local state park). 495 more words


So, apparently this whole social media thing is getting to be kind of a big deal. But what does it mean for businesses. If you’re a business and you’re just getting into the social media game, it’s time to listen up so that you don’t start sounding like that old guy who doesn’t know what the “kids these days” are talking about… 1,493 more words

Is Technology Breeding Boring Marketing?

Is Technology Breeding Boring Marketing?

We live in a time where there is more data about customers than ever before. Marketers are flooded with data, more than any single human could ever hope to sort on their own. 901 more words

Marketing Strategy

The Ultimate Book Marketing Tool For Authors | Bestseller Labs

The quote above is by Anonymous but I thought it pertained nicely to this article.

Anyway, in my inbox this morning I found Jonathan Gunson’s article regarding the all-important email list that he says authors need to develop in order to sell their books in a huge way.   572 more words


Top Trends for B2B Marketing

Here’s what I believe will be the top trends affecting B2B marketers in the upcoming years:

  1. Consolidation of Disparate Marketing Solutions

    If you haven’t noticed, big software vendors like IBM, Adobe, Oracle and Saleforce.com are buying smaller, point-solution marketing vendors with the goal of a consolidate marketing solution.

  2. 410 more words
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What Is A Success Strategy?

Give a man a fish everyday, his appetite is sated. Teach him how to fish, you have fulfilled his appetite for an entire life time. This is… 688 more words


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