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Protologic Inc.: Specialize Your Social Media Presence

A problem I find myself running into all the time (with the various positions I hold) is running all of my social media accounts. One thing that has definitely helped is picking the platforms which are most effective and focusing my energies there, rather than spreading myself too thin. 172 more words


Rule #3: The ‘So-What’ Factor

The ‘So-What’ factor is about being memorable.

In this increasingly commoditised world, there is really very little to differentiate many of our B2B products and services from our competitors. 474 more words

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Networking 101: An Introduction to Networking, Concepts and ME!

How many LinkedIn connections do you have?  What about Facebook friends?  Twitter followers?  Ok… now, how many of those people do you know – really know? 404 more words

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Who To Hire? Employee vs. Contractor

How are you going to grow your business in 2014?  If ‘hire more employees’ was part of your answer, here are some thoughts to consider: 539 more words

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How Do I Get My Company to the 1st Page of Search Engine Results?

A question I get asked often: “How do I get my company to the first page of search engine results?”

The answer: “…That’s a good question!” 416 more words

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A Response to an Open Letter to Millennials

Have you ever googled “letter to millennials“? Go ahead, I’ll wait.. 

That’s right, 2,960,000 results. 

After recent conversations with colleagues about the generational divide in today’s business world, … 243 more words

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Customer Service is the "New Marketing"

In a recent article by customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken, he explains how marketing has changed from purely a brand or company focus to the promise of an experience. 200 more words

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