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CPR, Videos and New Team Members By Susette A. C.

It’s a whole new ball park in Biomedical Engineering. Ah yes, new team members and a new project to tackle on. Well, not a completely new project, Comfort4U has decided to take on a different aspect of the seat cover and we’ve chosen to focus on the marketing aspect of it. 604 more words


Friday Conversations With A Self-Publishing Writer 01/16/15


SO—you’ve written the best novel ever put to paper!  From your perspective everyone on planet earth will (at some time in their life) read your book.  567 more words

Self Publish

Gandhi insult should result in the marketing team being fired

What were they thinking?

When New England Brewery Company put an image of Gandhi on their beer cans in India, their marketing team were obviously as stupid as the MacDonalds team who tried to sell beef burgers some years back in India. 35 more words


Getting Familiar with the Various Aspects of Successful Selling Skills

The success or failure of a marketing campaign depends largely upon the sales skills possessed by the individual members of the marketing team. While some professionals are born with a natural flair to sell different types of products and services to customers, others might need to develop them with practice. 275 more words

The Yellow Spot


Service Level Agreement. An SLA is an agreement between a company’s sales and marketing teams, that defines the expectations Sales has for Marketing and vice versa. 45 more words