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The state of media advertisements as we see it

When will public demand usher in the modernist era in telly-marketing?

There is an extremely tall thin actress in very pretty clothes dancing around painting her house. 452 more words


Can Cross-Marketing Work for Your Business?

Many brands are turning to cross-marketing products to create successful advertising campaigns. If you produce a product that has a natural co-branding opportunity, cross-marketing might be the best option for your business. 251 more words

Arthur Yannoukos

Middle for diddle

I do archery as a sport, and the other night I was up at our field and shooting away; compound, Bowtech, 53#, carter release aid, ACE’s 28 1/2” for those who want to know. 514 more words

Clive's Blog


Hello and welcome to my blog ‘Pixl’
I’m Anna.
Just a quick over view of the content that will be displayed on here…
This blog will be all about digital marketing. 44 more words

About Me!

About Me!

I, Luca Dan, am a Marketing Director in a renowned company. I have been working in this field since 15 years. Throughout my professional life I gained a lot of experience which I like to share it with my readers. 255 more words