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Advertising's new addiction: Programmatic buying

Programmatic ad buying has permeated every media platform and brand marketers are taking notice.  In 2013, marketers spent $3.36 billion on programmatic ad buying — and eMarketer… 730 more words


Unlimited email alias’s in your gmail right now! All you have to do is create them.

Organize your emails by using variations of your original email address. Gmail gives you unlimited email addresses. My email is tara.j.didomenico@gmail.com, so I can actually create numerous email addresses off of my main email address. 359 more words

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98x more effective ads? Owned data gives digital ads seeming superpowers

When it comes to marketing, social is cheapest and ad exchanges help you target the highest-quality consumers, but nothing beats using your own data to improve your digital ad campaigns. 820 more words


The 'Google of sales & marketing' raises $2M to tell you who's using competitors' software

Knowing who uses your competitors’ products can be a huge competitive advantage. Knowing when potential customers start a trial of your competitor’s product could be a lifesaver. 569 more words


Return on Marketing Investment

Shaking Up Your Marketing Mix

It’s time to get serious and shake-up your Marketing-Mix!

Companies need to make their Marketing Department responsible for the accountability of their Marketing Mix. 395 more words

Changing Marketing Technologies

Day by day we are in scope of new platforms and Shiny Technologies which are capable to change everything in our lives. They are simply breathe touching lives proclaiming the next generation. 55 more words

Marketing Technology

Wearable Tech Radar: Fin Thumbring

Love this gesture based control device that allows you to wirelessly swipe and tap commands with your fingers. Now if it would only tweet, post and send out an email blast.#PRHackwishes Waterproof, flexible and with each battery charge lasting up to one week, the… 63 more words