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What Does Your Digital Marketing Technology Stack Look Like?

According to VentureBeat there are about 1,4000 marketing-tech vendors touting solutions that can drive ROI, increase visitors, and raise revenue; so even the most experienced, up-to-date marketer gets overwhelmed. 27 more words

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Marketing Automation Can Help Startups Sell Like the Big Brands

A startup is arguably most vulnerable in its growth stage. Technology is the key to minimizing growing pains.

Traditionally, software solutions were tailored to different business segments to create those rapid economies of scale. 43 more words

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WeMark Online Survey

Marketing is big business. By learning to target products at the right people, companies cut their advertising spend and increase sales. Add to that the focus group world of politics and the media, and it’s clear why… 171 more words

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How to hire unicorns (aka tech-savvy marketers)

Most traditional marketers don’t know how to beef up their digital skills, a recent Adobe study found. But marketing is becoming more and more digital… 431 more words


Mastering Online Reviews for Real Estate Professionals

When consumers are in the market for a certain product or service their overall decision will be based on the opinions of others. In the past, opinions were generally expressed through word-of-mouth, but now with the internet, consumers are able to read the opinions of others and rely on online reviews through different websites and social media platforms. 791 more words

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Advertising's new addiction: Programmatic buying

Programmatic ad buying has permeated every media platform and brand marketers are taking notice.  In 2013, marketers spent $3.36 billion on programmatic ad buying — and eMarketer… 730 more words


Unlimited email alias’s in your gmail right now! All you have to do is create them.

Organize your emails by using variations of your original email address. Gmail gives you unlimited email addresses. My email is tara.j.didomenico@gmail.com, so I can actually create numerous email addresses off of my main email address. 359 more words

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