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US Sees Green, Investing in Ireland

This seems like good news for the Mother Land. I just hope this lasts longer than the similar boom/bust they had a decade or so ago during the first tech infusion. 38 more words

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Dog gone it...they DO understand us. Via NPR News

How Dogs Understand What We Say http://n.pr/1rAH6vk

We know folks with a very friendly but extremely large German Shepherd…who responds only to commands spoken in German.

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Fun times in the attic

Dirty, dusty, hot and sweaty….but at least our bathrooms finally vent OUTSIDE the house. #DIY #DAD

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Via NPR - Glen Campbell & Alzheimer's Tour

This was an unbelievable account of how seemingly random this disease can be. He could still play his songs on his guitar, yet couldn’t remember his daughters names. 14 more words

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Via MPBN - Bowdon College Completes States Largest Solar Installation

Congrats to Bowdoin College for investing in our future as its students invest in theirs.

There is no Silver Bullet solution to solve our energy problems, but we always need to keep moving forward. 8 more words

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