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The loss of B2B Marketing magazine

OK. I’ve given it some time. And, if anything, it’s gotten worse. B2B Magazine was subsumed by Ad Age a few months ago. The promise was that it would be part of a bigger entity – better coverage, leverage the commonalities between B2C and B2B marketing. 224 more words

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With “Netflix for LEGOs,” the sharing economy just went preschool

Kids don’t usually like to share, but the founder of Pley is betting she can change that. When an overabundance of toys was “turning into a little monster,” Elina Furman launched the LEGO-rental company to give all those little plastic bricks new life. 230 more words


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Not sure how pley was able to get a hold of the LEGO brand name OR why LEGO didn't either (A) Squash them like a bug, or (B) Squash them and then offer the service themselves, but the fact that she is able to do this with "real" LEGOs and not some knock-off is what might give this concept the legs it needs to survive...and encourage others to follow their lead. I just don't want to be the one answering the call from a parent with a wailing 7 year old in the background that can't find the part number #135s541p to complete his X-Wing Fighter. Quality control issues must be huge. I can't even keep all the pieces together for the few hours it takes to open the box and put the thing together.

Buzz Feed Quizzes - Why so Popular?

BuzzFeed quizzes, a new phenomenon that has created a new form of procrastination for people.  BuzzFeed is a an entertainment site that provides various information, stories, news articles, events that are occurring, and extremely relatable posts.   335 more words

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Keep It Simple Stupid is Still Relevant

Probably even more so today with all the clutter and noise
vying for our attention.

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Creating Brand Loyalists - How I Landed at TRCo Marketing

If there is one thing that my best friends and family know regarding how I like to relax, it is that there are few things that I enjoy more than a good glass of fine bourbon chilled over the rocks.   603 more words

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Traveling through Social Media

Spring Break is coming up soon and that means that most college students are preparing to head down south to soak in the sun and attend a few parties.  322 more words

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