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Via EnergyCircle -10 Essential Components of Service Page Design: Converting Lookers into Leads.

As with any design project or infographic creation there is an art and science for making the piece ‘work’ the way you want it to. Here’s a great resource for how to lay out service-related web pages that deliver results – in the form of inbound emails and phone calls. 9 more words

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My Advice - Invest your Unemployment Check in the Stock Market

Play the game and hedge your bets. You’re worth more (and will earn more) as a shareholder than an employee.

Harvard Study Says Economy Is ‘Doing Half Its Job.’ Guess Which Half. 10 more words

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Is too much reliance on Marketing Automation a danger?

I recently read this article by Omar Akhtar on “The case against too much marketing automation” and it got me thinking. Although I am a firm believer in marketing automation, here are several points here where I agree. 251 more words

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