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Great Magnets w/ Video

Use Video to Create Marketing Magnets

Video might just be the most underused marketing tool sales people have in the toolbox. It’s free, it’s powerful, why not use it? 655 more words

David Stelzl

branding, HR, and the customer experience

Want to build your company’s brand? Give a close look at your HR department.

That’s not how we typically approach it, is it? There are a ton of articles on branding, but far too many that discuss it as though it’s a separate activity, as though it’s a shiny bit of chrome that gets bolted on to make the company look nice. 528 more words


Speeding Advertisement

This speeding advertisement hits hard for anyone able to make it through the whole thing. A driver thinks he has enough time to pull out onto the road, but he doesn’t know the guy that was far enough away at first is now about to collide with him. 65 more words

Benefits of Mobile Banking and Internet Marketing in Santa Barbara

Gone are the days of rushing home or to the office to get on the Internet. Even lugging around a laptop computer seems to be a thing of the past, thanks to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 138 more words


Wedding Industry Rescue

This week I’m at Wedding Market Expo in Austin, Texas. There have been a lot of great speakers. One, well two, that I really wanted to meet and hear from is Shea & Cheryl Bailey. 244 more words