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Tips on Writing a Business Plan

When I started my firm in 1990, I had a business plan. My 2-year business plan was very simple with an outlined objective goals and business efforts. 234 more words

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Marketing mistakes

The #1 marketing mistake is not gaining consumers’ interest.  A marketing mistake is not having a brand that is authentic, and the failure to reach its target consumers.  111 more words

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Skills That Can Save Small Business Owners Money

The beneficial skill a small business owner needs to learn is systematic operational risk management. Why?  A small business needs to adopt the effectiveness of daily operations.  83 more words

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Ethical Considerations in Communication

What are some of the ethical considerations that you are now more aware of as a result of your study of Communication?

I learned that”spinning” is wrong. 212 more words

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Time to Market

In my posts about a first-time writer deciding between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I’ve recently been discussing non-financial considerations. Today I’m writing about the time it takes for the writer’s book to come to market once the manuscript has been completed. 409 more words


Taking the Brand Social

I’ve posted about how to take your work social, building your platform, negotiating Facebook and Twitter but not a whole lot on whether it is a good idea or not. 684 more words


Analytic or Creative? Why not both?

Most people have heard about the distinction between analytic types and creative types.  It is some sort of stereotype that is probably rooted in an era where “numbers” people were always shown to be drowning between piles of papers while “creative” people kicked back and challenged themselves to come up with new ideas that were fresh and appealing to others. 505 more words