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Will 2015 Be The Year of Sales and Marketing Integration? - Direct Marketing News

John Golden is author of Winning the Battle for Sales and Social Upheaval: How to Win @ Social Selling and chief strategy officer of CRM provider Piperlinersales. 13 more words


Writing--End of Year Thoughts

Do you know, when I first started writing aeons ago when cave men used pigments on stone walls, people kept telling me, “If you want to be published, write a good book.” Quality, according to them, was your only concern. 911 more words


In 2008 Mumbai Attacks, Piles of Spy Data, but an Uncompleted Puzzle by JAMES GLANZ, SEBASTIAN ROTELLA and DAVID E. SANGER


Indian and British intelligence agencies were both spying on the online activities of one of the alleged plotters, but couldn’t connect the dots. 11 more words


How Amanda Hocking sold 1.5 million on Amazon: I'm revealing the secret!

You might have heard of Amanda Hocking, the indie superstar who sold 1.5 million on Amazon and got picked up by a big house and signed a movie deal for her Trylle Trilogy. 687 more words

Writing Journey

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This blog about Amanda Hocking's success speaks for itself. Marketing is about building relationships and being genuinely yourself in doing so. If there were a 'secret' to success, this seems to be it and at the end of the day, doesn't it make the most sense? You don't buy stuff from telemarketers or agressive sales people in stores... why would you expect others to do so online? Yes, it takes time. Lots of time. Time you might have been writing a few extra books in... but if no one is reading your stuff, does it matter how many books you've written? So get out there, engage, and meet your future fans! And thanks for this blog Leona & Amanda. You rock. Be sure to follow their blogs when you visit their pages!

Holiday Promotion Ideas and Tactics Marketing Local Businesses

Most businesses that offer retail products and services rely heavily on sales from the Christmas and other holiday shopping seasons to keep their local business in the profitable throughout the year. 665 more words


YouTube Challenger Lets Music Fans Call the Shots by BEN SISARIO


The technology company Interlude has attracted the attention of the music industry with a tool that creates music videos with branching plots subject to a viewer’s choices. 13 more words


Surviving & Thriving through Cold Calls, Sales Objections & Rejection

Cold Calling

Whether you are a veteran or if you are new in sales, you will have to make cold calls to build your customer base. 1,813 more words