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Review: Coca Cola's marketing campaign

So there I was, walking into Duane Reade, when I saw the Coke bottles.

That’s how all good stories begin, right?

I wasn’t sure why there were names on them – and then I put 2 and 2 together. 372 more words

Whole Foods Has To Increase Marketing Because Otherwise Chester Cheetah Would Keep Influencing Your Food Purchases

The Associated Press reports that Whole Foods Market is going to begin a major national marketing push after reporting weak sales earlier today.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story… 187 more words


Making a Webpage for your Book(s) and The Life of a KeyKeeper Page Launch

Wicked Wednesday!

(Again, again, I know. I’m from back east, sue me :P)

So today’s topic is all about whether or not to build a webpage for your novel(s). 1,113 more words

The Little Things

Business Cards 101

Let’s get down to business… Cards! First of all, please tell me the song from Mulan came to mind with my title because I definitely sang it a few times before writing this! 1,458 more words

Business Cards

My Name is Sharon, and I am a Tog

My main vocational passions are writing and photography. Those with such skills and desires are often required to use those talents in marketing, which is what I did for most of my 35-year career in communications. 211 more words

Marketing 101: The Art of Storytelling | Entrepreneur

In Market Like You Mean It, marketing expert Al Lautenslager explains how you can engage your customers, create brand believers and gain fans for everything you sell. 100 more words

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3 ways to monetize your blog

There is nothing more fun about making a blog than monetize it. Some may make and keep up blogs for individual delight, however one of the principle motivations to keep a blog set is to profit. 545 more words