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7 Things You Need To Know About Today’s ECB Quantitative Easing Announcement

1. Size and duration: Purchases totalling €60bn per month, starting in March 2015 and lasting until September 2016, giving a total size of €1.1trn. This is much higher than expected. 398 more words


ECB floats 1.1 trillion-euro QE program

It’s not official, but the European Central Bank may launch a program to buy 50 billion euros’ worth of sovereign bonds each month through the end of 2016, according to Bloomberg. 314 more words


How Did Switzerland and India Surprise Currency Markets?

Both the Swiss and Indian banks surprised the markets last week by moving between meetings – upsetting the de facto status quo of recent years where policy moves were only announced at formal meetings. 900 more words


Wall Street singin' January blues once again

Wall Street hoped Friday’s rally was the start of a new winning streak for the beleaguered U.S. stock market. But those hopes have been dashed in early trading today after the long weekend. 306 more words


Market swings in 2015 top 50-year average

If you’ve been taken aback by the huge market swings on Wall Street this year, there’s a very good reason. The average 1.59% intraday swing from low to high tops the 50-year average. 374 more words


Will U.S. earnings trump global worries?

As the world economy suffers growth pains and financial markets are back in a wild and wacky up-and-down mode, Wall Street will look again to corporate America for guidance on how the economy and profitability will hold up on the homefront. 351 more words


Watch the Philippine peso | BusinessMirror

Watch the Philippine peso | BusinessMirror. An editorial from January 4. In case you haven’t felt it yet, there’s a weird vibe in the air concerning the Philippines’ currency.

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