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Geopolitics hammers U.S. stocks with foreign sales

The performance of shares of U.S. companies has weakened since geopolitical risks ramped up after the downing of the Malaysia Air passenger jet in mid-July. 262 more words


Will the real September (bull or bear) please stand up?

September has a bad reputation on Wall Street. The reason: It’s the worst month for performance for the Dow in the past 50 and 100 years. 288 more words


History: Stocks get short-term boost after topping milestones

Conventional wisdom says major milestones act as a ceiling on stock prices. But history says the S&P 500 could be in for a short-term pop after topping 2000. 348 more words


Fate of stock rally may be revealed in September

If there’s an asterisk attached to the S&P 500’s run to fresh record highs and its first close above 2000, it’s the fact that the milestones came on low volume during the dog days of summer, with traders on vacation. 344 more words


Confident consumer key to stock rally

U.S. consumers are the engine that powers the U.S. economy. Spending by folks on Main Street accounts for roughly two-thirds of the nation’s economic activity. And confident consumers who feel good about themselves and who earn decent wages and have cash to spend are the types of consumers Wall Street loves most. 185 more words


JPMorgan shares open 1% lower after cyberattack report

Shares of JPMorgan Chase were down 1% in morning trading Thursday as investors react to reports from U.S. law enforcement officials that the bank and as many as four other financial institutions are victims of recent cyberattacks. 349 more words

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Will fresh economic data back bullish thesis?

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index’s climb to 2000 has been predicated largely on the bet that the U.S. economy, which stalled early in 2014 due to a frigid winter, is gaining momentum and poised for a growth spurt. 275 more words