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A Wild Ride in The Markets Last Week

Margin calls? A short squeeze? A panic? Whatever the combination, it was a wild ride in the markets last week.

  • Bond yields rode a roller coaster, ending slightly lower.
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Selloff upside: pricey P-Es take sizable haircut

If there’s an upside to the recent stock market turbulence it is this: once frothy price-to-earnings ratios have taken a sizable haircut, making the market a better value than it was before the sell-off began four weeks ago. 501 more words


Dow distortion: IBM accounts for nearly all of day's loss

The Dow’s losses today are being distorted by IBM’s big drop. (Focus on broader U.S. market gauge like S&P 500 for a better snapshot of the stock market’s health today.) Here’s why. 249 more words


French Shipment coming soon...

Bonjour mon amis

I cant believe it is almost 3 weeks since our new website went live ~ if you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, take a look and tell us what you think, we would love your feedback ~  368 more words


When it Comes to the Markets, Maybe Some Rain is a Good Thing?

Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a market correction. My metaphor for this is – If you go a month without rain, you’re due for some, but there can be no certainty about when it will actually start raining. 447 more words


'Stock-tober' plunge is tame compared to 1987 Crash

Stocks are in rebound mode after breaking the bear’s scary spell over the market. Let’s put this year’s frightful October on Wall Street into perspective. The 5.6% drop at the low yesterday doesn’t even make the Top 1o worst Octobers. 273 more words


'Fear' trade reverses as end-of-world angst eases

When investors rush into the arms of so-called safe-haven investments — such as U.S. government bonds or cash — it’s a sign of risk-aversion. That’s what’s been happening in the recent selloff. 452 more words