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Sympathy For A Fly

- Guts, 2014 -


- I’m Not The Loving Kind, 2014 -


This post is dedicated to Karen – thanks for the title!


Where Are My Wellingtons You Stupid Fart?

- Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, 2014 -


- Supper’s Ready, 2014 -


This post is dedicated to Keith (RIP) and David. (Hope the shoot went well!)


The Planet of Rude Surprises

- The Heart Knows Better, 2014 -


- Late Night Shopping, 2014 -



Black Cat?

This was a couple of months ago and what surprised me was though glancing at them they are black cats (irony I’m born on Hallowe’en LOL) they have spots and stripes that look amazing under light ,so people not wanting black cats,are missing out! 13 more words


Often when strolling in the wild you’ll come upon footprints in the sand……

In the Richtersveld South Africa, the wind left his footprint between rock and desert sand. 87 more words


Resistor Color Codes, Bands, Power Ratings, and Other Useful Information

Looking at my recent posts on Ohm’s Law and Resistors part I, part II, and part III, I’ve realized that I didn’t discuss a few things that are very essential in resistors and that’s tolerance ratings, various compositions, their identification, and standard power ratings. 1,344 more words