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Caron Marks Anniversary With New Fragrance - Women's Put on Daily

Caron Marks Anniversary With New FragranceWomen’s Wear EverydayWHIFF OF FREEDOM: Luxury perfumer Caron is marking its 110th anniversary with a new fragrance named Lady Caron. Inspired by the Statue of Liberty, the scent is a tribute to the French business&#39s founder, perfumer Ernest…

Removing Burn Marks Naturally

This post came about because my friend burnt me with a flat iron and now I am stuck with a small scar on the my jaw line :( . 280 more words


De-collage with various papers, willow bark and leaves.

Sample 6. This sample was made with willow leaves and magazine papers painted in white acrylic paint.

My intention here was to explore the possibilities of incorporating the natural organic matter of the willow tree into work, whether they become works themselves or grounds on which to work further. This is a technique I have found myself returning to and am drawn by the emergent surface as you gradually work back into the materials. It is perhaps difficult to fully appreciate this from the photos, but this detail shows the shape made from a curling leaf and the central stalk from one of the leaves along with the merging of layers giving an almost topographical effect.

Painting 3- Major Project

More willow stains on plaster.

Having already seen that the willow bark would make some quite interesting marks on plaster I wanted to make some more examples so that I could explore the possibilities of working over them, perhaps in charcoal, graphite or paint. 86 more words

Painting 3- Major Project

What are we under this week in Play Whe, Pick 2 and Pick 4 ?

What are we under this week in Play Whe, Pick 2 and Pick 4 ?


Play Whe

  • Morning: 12
  • Mid-day: 1
  • Evening: 32

Pick 2… 77 more words

Play Whe

My new list for this week coming

Here is my list of numbers for this week coming. These are the numbers that haven’t played recently.

  • 16  ( 9.6.2014)
  • 33  (23.6.2014)
  • 8    ( 2.7.2014 )
Play Whe