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The Worst Case Of Hyperinflation In History

If you were to ask most people which country suffered the worst inflation in history, they would answer Germany, since Germany’s hyperinflation after World War I is probably the most famous.  949 more words



Blocking is when you bet on all the numbers you think might come. For example yesterday I thought 2 was going to come in the morning and 3 in the evening. 11 more words

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hamburg schanzenviertel (j)

Next in line

Well 2 came and 35 as well. So next in line is 32, 14, and 15. Good luck !

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Waiting for marks to come in has got to be the worst experience ever.  It’s like looking for something you don’t want to find.  Going by a car crash that you’re afraid to look at because it could be you in the crash! 35 more words



I like three this evening. What do you think ?

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