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A Year in Review (Almost)

Obviously, I have not written much in the last month. My life became…hectic. Between professional obligations and family emergencies, shooting and practice just wasn’t terribly high on my priority list. 1,483 more words


Open-Source Laser Shooting Simulator

Looking to practice your marksmanship skills at home? Check out the homeLESS (Home LasEr Shooting Simulator), an open-source tool for marksmanship practice. developed this system as a cheaper alternative to commercial laser shooting simulators, which are just as simple but very expensive. 147 more words

Misc Hacks

Secret Santa

Who can guess what just arrived in the mail??? And no, it’s not bricks of cocaine, although admittedly that’s the first thing that occurred to me when I laid them out like this. LOL :-)

Random Thoughts

Trident Concepts Combative Pistol Level 2 in Austin, TX

Combative Pistol, Level 2 in Austin, TX 

We still have a few slots left at our “Early Bird” sales price for our upcoming Combative Pistol Level Two class. 48 more words

Defensive Handgun Training

WOS - 3 Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship - Wide Open Spaces

In order to train and benefit from the training, we need to have a good understanding of the Fundamentals of shooting. In this article, I take a basic look at the 3 Fundamentals of Handgun shooting and how they are necessary for a solid foundation of training. 7 more words


Mushan's New Journal: Preparing for the Iron Horde


My name is Mushan. In order to protect my online privacy, I will not be disclosing my surname.

I am a hunter. I can do almost anything that hunters around the world can do, but I specialize in pinpoint marksmanship, and I always have. 960 more words


Rifle Skills are NEVER Out of Date

Observations of a Boer (South African of Dutch descent) Commando during the
initial days of the Battle of Ladysmith (and the ensuing prolonged siege)
during  the Second Anglo-Boer War in early November of 1899.  685 more words