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A Practical Man

Aug. 9 2013

Today I learned that my grandfather Earl Brown has died at the age of 94.

He managed to avoid ever having a real two-way conversation with me for my entire life. 868 more words


Death, taxes, and a French manicure : [a Tara Holloway novel]

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author: Diane Kelly
Title: Death, taxes, and a French manicure :
Were you aware that the Internal Revenue Service has agents who are licensed to carry guns? 208 more words


Air Rifle Practice: 3/24/14

I attended air rifle practice after having a week off last week. I will miss this upcoming week, but practicing when I can has improved my scores. 82 more words


Air Rifle Practice: 3/10/14

I finally got to attend air rifle practice again on Monday. I had missed the last two weeks- one for an event out of town, and one because I was helping my son to shoot instead of practicing myself (so both good reasons!). 89 more words


Shooting Tips: Moving your legs

If you fidget when you shoot, you will not shoot well. Seriously. You may think that tiny little tapping of your foot on the floor is no big deal- but it can spread out a group badly. 153 more words


Air Rifle Practice: 2/17/14

I didn’t shoot really well today. I shot standing with some precision air rifle, and though I liked the sights on it, it was pearls before swine for I was far too shaky today. 46 more words