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Range Report 19 October

I was happy to get to the range today and expend the ammunition that I did not get to do last week. However, my enthusiasm was tempered by my performance. 760 more words


Relevant to Talking About Mastery in Shooting

I happened to see this video posted on the Firearms User Network. I don’t know “Deadeye Steve,” nor his qualifications. And while his talking here is geared towards handgun shooting, I think it is equally applicable to rifle shooting. 120 more words


Revisiting the Path to Mastery

Sadly, my cunning plan to go to the range on this lovely Monday off did not happen. I lost my voice about a week ago (which was, coincidentally, about two weeks from receiving the latest round of military-mandated the flu mist), and started developing a pretty wicked chest cold on Friday. 1,243 more words


BSG Time

You know what? Screw it. The time has come. After much fence-straddling, I think I’m officially in the market for an AR-15.

What marksmanship taught me (1.5)

Prompt: my choice. 

If anyone told me five years ago that lying on a cold cement floor in a Gatineau warehouse – surrounded by dust and the smell of rifle grease – would become a regular habit, I wouldn’t have believed it. 326 more words

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On Mastering What You Have, Not Dreaming of More

I’m not sure where it originally came from, but there is a common axiom in the shooting world that goes something, “Beware the man with only one gun, for he knows how to use it.” 394 more words


Nice Angle

This asinine ad just popped up in my Pandora window. I guess NBC was hoping to reel me in for its latest, greatest, prime time chicks-with-guns oglefest. 13 more words

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