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Glass Ball Shooting Match to be Held in Scotland Neck, NC, June 7, 1883

June 7, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

We are requested to publish the following:
Tillery, N.C.,
May 21st, 1883. 94 more words

Family History

22- Gun Ownership = Belonging

Emily (talking about her belly button):

“What if I had an inny?”

Jean-Pierre:  “What if you had an Audi?”

My dad prided himself on a lot of things, among them:  his success in business, smooth golf swing, and ability to handicap the ponies.  1,131 more words


Speed vs. Accuracy

Yes, I know, it’s one of the oldest debates in the gun world.  But I raise this topic for completely selfish reasons.  I need advice!  Maybe one of you gurus can help me out.

The Boy Went to Camp

He packed his bag, put in his BDU’s and was ready to go!

Marksmanship training camp is what the boy signed up for.

He loves his weapons. 249 more words

My Ramblings

Marksmanship Part 2 getting to know your rifle

The best and most expensive rifle will not make a poor shooter a better shooter, but even a mediocre rifle in the hands of a person who knows and understands his or her rifle can produce amazing results. 861 more words


Spot shooting

“Do you want it in the belly or in the teeth?” –my father, to a would-be robber, who suddenly remembered a previous appointment.

My dad’s eyesight was pretty bad by then, so he couldn’t aim at the eye. 691 more words


Size or Stamina?

After years of indoctrination that size equals stopping power, I have evolved quite a bit in the last few months.  For ten years, I carried two full-size 1911s.   710 more words