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Vine Of The Year? Mark Wahlberg Hilariously Leaves Patriots Owner Hanging On A High-Five Attempt

Robert Kraft needs to hire an official high-fiver because Mark Wahlberg’s not doing it right.

He’s got a lot in common with Tom Brady, doesn’t he?


#hap2014 - 260 - United (by Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark)

Mr. Mark Wahlberg – we all know what you did that summer 21 years ago.

Apparently NOT! Spoke about Marky Mark with my good pal Neil, who himself stems from the UK, a few days ago and he outright refused this song was part of his first clubbing experiences. 102 more words


Throwback Thursday: The Best Calvin Klein Ad of the 90s

Marky Mark and Kate Moss take the cake for the best Calvin Klein ad of the 90s! #TBT to tighty whitey’s, smooth skin and ripped muscles! 15 more words


SHYS Presents.......Random Peg Person First Edition

Every now and then I have a friend who comes up with a random celebrity or character that they (jokingly) say would make a great peg person. 99 more words

Peg People

Marky Mark Twain is probably the best thing ever

P.S. I will actually write a legitimate blog post someday in the future. Pinky swear.

MaGM #8: Meet Author Stephanie Keyes

I meant to wash the dishes but I’m allergic to dish soap. What kind?  All of them. And I was going to call you, but I fell off the Golden Gate Bridge. 1,416 more words