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Movie Monday

Hi, It’s Andy. Just a reminder, you can’t plagiarize this. It’s mine.

Movies. Yeah, it’s fun to go to them on the weekend. Tuesday is pretty cool too, especially because it’s half off. 378 more words

Bobby Shmurda

Vine Of The Year? Mark Wahlberg Hilariously Leaves Patriots Owner Hanging On A High-Five Attempt

Robert Kraft needs to hire an official high-fiver because Mark Wahlberg’s not doing it right.

He’s got a lot in common with Tom Brady, doesn’t he?


#hap2014 - 260 - United (by Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark)

Mr. Mark Wahlberg – we all know what you did that summer 21 years ago.

Apparently NOT! Spoke about Marky Mark with my good pal Neil, who himself stems from the UK, a few days ago and he outright refused this song was part of his first clubbing experiences. 102 more words


Throwback Thursday: The Best Calvin Klein Ad of the 90s

Marky Mark and Kate Moss take the cake for the best Calvin Klein ad of the 90s! #TBT to tighty whitey’s, smooth skin and ripped muscles! 15 more words


SHYS Presents.......Random Peg Person First Edition

Every now and then I have a friend who comes up with a random celebrity or character that they (jokingly) say would make a great peg person. 99 more words

Peg People

Marky Mark Twain is probably the best thing ever

P.S. I will actually write a legitimate blog post someday in the future. Pinky swear.