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Accurs'd be he that first invented war!

What a great first line for a poem. Fast forward to 1916 and you can get the same sentiment from almost any of the first World War poets. 353 more words

Happy Birthday Kenneth Branagh!

Incidentally, we are watching Hamlet in class all week. My dream come true, even if that version has enough secondhand-embarrassment to kill someone.

On a different note, I just found a wonderful article about the questionable authorship of  187 more words


Hellish Ambition: A Look at Doctor Faustus’ Involvement in his own Damnation

First published 31 October 2014

Imagine that during the final curtain call of Christopher Marlowe’s drama The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, the play’s protagonist, Faustus, proclaims to the audience “the devil made me do it.” Would he be justified in saying so? 1,443 more words

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Dashiell and Chandler - redefining reading and listening - using the best of everything from both worlds

what would they say about these hi-tech
hi jinks
character driven ideology – time warp voice
of sound
as i drive
you around town to town… 156 more words

Evidence That Christopher Marlowe Was The “Ghost” Of William Shakespeare

The reasons for doubting that William Shakespeare from Stratford wrote the poems and plays are well-known. Shakespeare’s lack of formal education, his illiterate children, the fact that he owned no books or literary properties when he died, the fact that there were no encomiums or epitaphs immediately after his death (until the Folio), his lack of travel experience outside of England, and his lack of acquaintance with the aristocracy are more than enough to create doubts. 12,573 more words


On “Shadowplay” by Clare Asquith

This book, published in 2005, (subtitled “The Hidden Beliefs and Coded Politics of William Shakespeare”) is a mildly contrarian view of the Shakespeare mythology. Asquith shares the starting assumptions of other Shakespeare scholars, namely that he had at least a grammar school education, that he became an actor and playwright soon after moving to London c. 1,117 more words


How To Get Away With Burgers

I’m still recovering from the How To Get Away With Murder finale. The drama, the scandal, the controversy–I ate it up, every second of all 43 minutes. 431 more words