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Sport for Jove announces 2014/15 season

I am so excited by Sport for Jove’s 2014-15 offerings: A Midsummer Night’s DreamThe Merchant of Venice, and Marlowe’s Edward II. (There are other modern plays but my excitement is reserved for the early modern productions – I’m openly biased here). 161 more words


Of Cats and Men

Of Cats and Men – A Cautionary Tale of Internet Dating

I was on a date, me, Samantha Smith, enquiry agent, thirty-two, petite, good looking – so I’ve been told – a woman who spent four years in an abusive marriage and who now wouldn’t touch a man with a bargepole. 2,199 more words

Sam Smith Private Eye

An insight into a Shakespearean playhouse

When I began research for my novel, I didn’t know that one of the world’s most important documents about 16th century drama was sitting in a school library less than a mile from my front door. 415 more words


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Writing The Adventures of Christopher Marlowe trilogy was something of a literary experiment. In my academic work at Cardiff University, I employ plagiarism software to detect collocations shared between Shakespeare and his contemporaries, such as Peele, Kyd and, indeed, my dashing protagonist, Marlowe. 905 more words


CFP: The International Christopher Marlowe

As you may or may not know, I’ve recently started working as a Research Assistant on an exciting early-career project led by Dr. Edward Paleit here at Exeter: The International Christopher Marlowe. 33 more words


What Shakespeare really looked like

One way of keeping my imaginary friends talking (a prerequisite for my writing) is to give them a face. I first tried this with my… 803 more words

It's a Rap

First off, if you read the title as ‘rape’ there’s something wrong with you. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not judging your hobbies or anything. 516 more words