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WILLIAMS, E (2014) The Love Hate Relationship. Creative Review (January) P. 1-3


DAFONT (2014) Dafont.com Available from: http://www.dafont.com


CREATIVE REVIEW (2013) Margaret Thatcher: the Marmite PM… 55 more words

3rd Year


This is my final Marmite book… “Love It or Hate It”

3rd Year


For my book design I want to use a typography style on the main points of the text, I want to do this because I have an interest in typography and think that it is a good tool to pick out interesting information and making it more eye-catching for a reader. 147 more words

3rd Year



“Everything we do is brand-centric”

What does Nick Green mean by this? What are Marmite’s brand characteristics and how are they communicated? Discuss this with reference to the article and at least two other brands of your choice that are as well established. 963 more words

3rd Year

Mr. Grey and I

It’s a thundery and rainy Autumn day and I’m cozied up at home going about my daily business. I update my blog , watch videos , listen to music … yet, something is missing. 359 more words


Things I miss

It’s definitely the little things you end up missing when you move away, the things you take for granted as the norm. Of course friends and family aside, there are a few home comforts from London that I find myself wishing I had around me here in Germany. 167 more words

German Living