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My current definition of balanced diet...

My daughter wants demands crackers for dinner.  However at 2 and a quarter she knows balance is important in a diet and at least gets the honey, peanut butter, and marmite jars out of the drawer and onto the bench all by herself.   15 more words


Marmite Karma

 Walking into the station coffee shop, newly opened- the chairs and paint smell as fresh as the coffee grind. A chirrupy dark haired girl makes my coffee and serves it with a slight smile. 486 more words



So I realise now that balancing writing every day along side of full time work isn’t always easy. The nights draw in and at the end of the day I’d rather relax and forget about every day life, and sometimes in all that you forget about the little space online that requires your thoughts to keep going. 92 more words

Yeast Spread with Oat, or Oat Spread with Yeast

Yeast spread with oat flakes…

Abel loves this spread and since the birth of our blog he has been asking me to post the recipe. 154 more words


Love it or hate it... Marmite comes to Mótto

When you put a British woman in charge of brunch, this, my friends, is what you get:

Marmite. Made from a by-product of the beer making process, it’s a salty, yeasty, spread commonly eaten on toast. 66 more words

She just smiled and gave me a Marmite sandwich

I had other ideas in mind for my first official blog, but I just learned something fantastic today and had to share it immediately. Granted I’m well over 100 years late on this one, but learning of its existence before having become a vegetarian would have done nothing for me except add to the list of Random Shit Evy Knows.  569 more words

Clean Eating