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Marmite Dippy Eggs and Soldiers

Have you ever tried marmite with eggs? It’s heaven! Okay I know it doesn’t really qualify as a recipe, but you have to try this….with or without gluten free bread! 101 more words


The future is now

Christmas happens partly in October in this house, coinciding with my mum’s annual visit, gifts included. As a consequence I have, for the past 48 hours and for want of anything better to do, been wandering around the house carrying nine books. 317 more words


Mar-mite? Mar-must!

I have a love: a secret, salty, dark rich love. It’s not a love that everyone shares, especially here in America. It’s a love that stretches back to my childhood, to some of my first memories. 809 more words


Fabulous Friday- The mighty Marmite

I love it! From its iconic label to its nutritional benefits,Marmite is just quirky,British cool at its best! I even have a Marmite Teapot!
So I thought we should take a peep back in time to nosy at Marmite from it’s introduction to the present day. 250 more words


CREATIVE COMMODitY: Marmite Confession No.2

 This week: A slightly more difficult confession, week 2 @ Marmite Mysterious meetings. 


“I Was Looking For A Job And Then I Found A Job”

Date of writing : 16/09/2014

There are a number of workshops here, each employing several dozen men in (usually piecework) activities that further the (profit) aims of G4S. 1,574 more words