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The Lone Ranger (2013): or The Marmite Movie

Looking around online this movie seems to be viewed one of two ways, critics love it, or hate it. There seems to be very few balanced, middle of the road, opinions. 889 more words


Kiwi Friends of the Akaroa Banks Peninsula

Remember the folks who snored like a symphony of buzz-saws at Cedar Flats Hut back when we were galavanting across bridges in Hokitika?

Well, we followed them all the way back to Christchurch and gave them a call. 345 more words


M is for Merchant, Mighty, Miranda, and Modern (of the Stephen, Boosh, Hart and Family varieties, respectively)

Welcome to Comedy Monday! I know, it’s Tuesday with a T, and not Monday with an M – April screwed me over and did not change its days around as per our agreement *throws April a dirty look*. 731 more words

A To Z

'Express Holiday'

She tried so hard to be a mum to her husband’s children.

It didn’t help that their own son Michael Junior was a handful; younger than his half-siblings and testament to his father’s wandering eye. 1,040 more words


A quick fix for no water days: Spaghetti with Marmite

Many of us who live in the Klang Valley have experienced water rationing since March due to the drought. Despite heavy rainfall in the past two weeks, the water level in the dams are not even half full yet. 266 more words

Nigella Lawson

Day Ten: Marmite

Thin on toast or thick on cheese
Gravy boats or as you please
Love it/hate it; nothing’s quite
Like gooey, tasty, brown marmite!


Sandwich Spread

The Bovril equivalent, Bovrite,

Can be purchased alongside of Marmite.

The marketer’s local,

An American yokel–

I just hope that they have the extract right.