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The one where we found the Twiglets

In the UK there is this mysterious snack called “Twiglets”. The only way I can describe it is “Marmite sticks” – but then of course hardly anybody outside of the UK knows what “Marmite” is (if you’re really curious, it’s this black gloopy stuff that comes in little jars, and that you might spread on toast – it’s officially titled “yeast extract”, and people either love it, or hate it with every fibre of their being). 323 more words


Carried Away...

You hardly ever meet anyone from the UK who is ambiguous about the contents of the little black jar with the yellow lid.  Personally – I LOVE it, but Marmite (yeast extract, for the uninitiated) is one of life’s dividers, and as they say in their ad campaign – “you either love it or you hate it”. 243 more words

Living The Life

Pulled pork in a slow cooker, and the secret ingredient that makes it work.

Yep. I went clickbait for this one! I am sorry, but I’m so happy with a last minute save that made the meal work, that I’m going to hide it being the read more button. 522 more words


Toast, the long way round. Or a simple loaf of bread.

I was going to put up a lovely braised pulled pork recipe, but train cancellations led to me instead getting drunk in Birmingham Christmas market. Maybe next week. 512 more words


Reader Interview: Rosemary!

Hey, Rosemary!
So, you have the honour of being my first victim Guinea pig interviewee!

Before we start, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself? 645 more words


Seuil - Marmite |Hold Youth|

Listen, listen, then listen some more.

Seuil & Le Loup – Pap’House EP
Release Date: 2013-05-06
Label: Hold Youth


One in the 'pie' for meal planning


Before I was pregnant, before I understood how family life worked, I thought mealtimes with children would be the way they are in films. You know. 345 more words