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Marmite the yeast extract

Hi. I procrastinate again. I’m just too bored of reading all the journal papers.

I feel hungry but I’m not hungry. WTH did I just say? 247 more words


A Tale of Two Spreads

Today’s post begins with a story that I originally featured on my blog a couple months ago, although I’ve since decided to further unpack the story. 1,589 more words

Marmite Tots has started! - Baby Photography Norfolk

I have decided to carry out some personal projects this year as mentioned in my last blog and the Marmite Tots has started.  I thought I would post my first couple of lovely volunteers for your enjoyment – Amber and Bailey!   54 more words



Marmite, Tea, and Travel combined – I am filled with love

My intention wasn’t originally to have three of my favourite things in life in one photo. 288 more words

The wait is over, the Marmite Easter egg is here!

For years, l’ve been badgering my mum to make me the one Easter egg that simply doesn’t exist: the Boost egg. It turns out there were actually two missing from supermarket shelves. 133 more words

Old Stuff

The Marmite Easter Egg Is Here!

Sometimes good things happen to good people, which is why there will be a Marmite Easter Egg released next week! It’s going to cost £5 (alternatively it’ll be free, if you steal one) and will be made of chocolate and marmite. 268 more words