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Kin Ship by Author D.K. Snape

Children of military parents are used to being taken out of school, the life and friends they have to move to their parent’s next base. It is something that becomes a reality for those children and can lead to new and exciting events for the children. 458 more words


HitchcOctober Day 25: Marnie

Marnie Edgar (Tippi Hedren) is a serial con artist, whose latest heist saw her steal almost $10,000 from the tax firm she became employed at under a fake name and a dark dye-job. 997 more words

The List

marnie the dog

How cute is this dog hanging with all the celebrities in New York? <3


Film Spotlight: Hitchcock's Marnie

What’s so great about Marnie? After all, many disliked the film when it was first released in 1964. Hitchcock had just completed The Birds and couldn’t sign on Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, so he offered the complicated role to Tippi Hedron and she accepted–it was her finest role. 594 more words


HBO's 'Girls'

I’ve been watching Lena Dunham’s series Girls on HBO (that makes it sound really casual, but the reality is I’ve been binge watching all 3 seasons within the past week) and it’s surprisingly relatable in some ways. 336 more words

Pita Chips and Sisterly Quips

One of the reasons I do this blog is because I get lots of messages from people saying that something I wrote was exactly what they needed to hear. 913 more words

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