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The word “devotion” defines Maroon’s obsession with pairing species within themselves. I have come to realise that Maroon’s intentions were initially good. However, Maroon’s fundamental oversight on the importance of species consent, regarding one species taking over control of another’s body, has caused great pain and suffering. 66 more words


Poncho for this fall

The weekend passes by so quickly, I had the most fun time spending it with my family though my big sister was missing , we actually went to the Zoo, I felt like such a kid, I think the last time I went to Islamabad Zoo was when I was around 5-6 years old, I actually remembered some of the places. 87 more words


Highlight Item: Floppy Felt Hat

     As we begin to bundle up we unfortunately have to hide our outfits under our coats. Luckily, winter and fall accessories make even the outerwear an outfit. 147 more words

DarkCherry Lipstck

beauty tips


(pants + shirt + raincoat, thrifted | boots, amazon | scarf, gift)

back & better than ever. mainly, just back. i have worn lots of peculiar and spectacular outfits in the interim and it has only increased my love for wearing outfits for enjoyment’s sake and not for the other extrinsic reasons that often drive my desire to do things. 330 more words

Feeling good on Saturday

Feeling good on Saturday! #saterday #feelinggood #nails #nailpolish

Maroon Craze

I have had an obsession with maroon for over a year now, and I’m glad that everyone else is catching up. Maroon is such a great color at this point I would consider it a neutral. 73 more words