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Marquees — No Longer Your Common Party Tent — Medium

Celebrating an important event in what was technically a huge tent used to seem like a shabby choice, but marquees have …

Hire of Marquee in Cheshire and Manchester, UK

In the great city of Cheshire, there are always many celebration conducted by its masses in indoor venues and outdoor venues. However, the outdoor venues are gaining popular due to the custom-made marquee available with marquee hire Cheshire. 455 more words


Stopping & Starting HTML Marquees

This example allows the user to stop the marquee when they hover over the marquee with their cursor (i.e. onmouseover). The marquee then continues when the user hovers away from the marquee (i.e. 55 more words


Taking More about Marquees Hire Manchester Companies

There are lots of ways Marquees Hire Manchester can be of excellent aid in terms of coping with events, events, along with these kinds of functions. 473 more words


Hire a Marquee this Summer for Your Outdoor Party: 5 Useful Tips

Summer’s almost upon us in Australia and New Zealand, and what’s on our minds the most? (Apart from paying our bills, the increasing costs of child care and schooling.)You guessed it, parties.Summer parties to be exact. 458 more words

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What is a Clear Span Marquee?

When it comes to throwing a party in a country like Australia or New Zealand, to change the appearance of these specialized events is much needed and using marquee tents are the best option to give a fascinating look to your party. 508 more words

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What Are The Different Types Of Marquee?

The Marquee, also known as a pole tent, is a popular choice for holding events like weddings, fairs, banquets and more. They are also used for a whole range of outdoor corporate events and informal political gatherings. 543 more words

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