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Love and Marriage

I was the little girl who grew up wanting to get married.  From the moment I laid eyes on Cinderella i wanted to be her.  I wanted to be this special secret that no one really new about.  1,334 more words


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Today I want to share with you a blog that I love so much. I love the topics they write about it and how it is so applicable every time I read posts. But I also love the writers dearly. A Girl Like Me was started by two incredible women who are married to two of the guys in the band Tenth Avenue North, a moderately popular Christian rock band as they like to say. They have become great friends, and I want to share one of their posts with you on marriage! Check out the rest of the blog too. It encourages me so much!

Married at First Sight

What  if a panel of experts chose your future spouse for you and you did not even lay eyes on him/her until the moment you walked down the aisle? 709 more words

The Road to Somewhere


I took the road to somewhere

That stretched ahead of me

Facing it with joyful stare

And young, unbridled glee.


At first, it was a pretty stroll… 191 more words


The Prone Position

I had to have a cyst drained last week. My doctor believes it was a sebaceous cyst, which is usually not something to cause major health issues, but is still something that needs to be addressed. 765 more words

Where would you sit? How to Let Go and Live Life In the Front Row


Where are you seated on this roller coaster ride known as life?
Do you often throw your hands up and squeal and live life to the fullest? 142 more words


Pregnancy only of the woman or should be shared?

Note: In this case I am referring to pregnancies that are wanted , whether or not they are of a married couple is not relevant. 167 more words


What we are willing to do...

Well, girlfriends, a lot has gone down in the past few days since my Q&A the other night.

Since last Thursday night, things were okay with us. 1,020 more words