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A while ago, I had the flu and my ears were blocked. One day, Garry removed his hearing aids and kept turning up the television until we could both hear it.  700 more words


The Ghost

I am walking down the street passing different stores and the ghost is there.  Right over there in that doorway.  The Ghost.  slight pain.  Over there sitting in The Melting Pot.  211 more words


Eyes Wide Shut

I had my one to one therapy today and into the darkness I fell yet again.  Remembering all the things I do not want to.  Baring my soul one more time.  229 more words


7 Quick Takes Fall Edition


I don’t know if I say this in a blog post every fall, but I seriously just lose every bit of energy around the end of October every year. 515 more words


Heroes series - Terrence Real

There are people who observe, people who write about change, people who do the change…  in the world of therapy there is an author who has observed couples over the years and written about change, AND he has also lived that change with his own marriage and relationship with his father.   315 more words


Why I Wish We Eloped

This is gonna sound crazy, but it’s all the photographer’s fault. Yep…I pretty much resent my whole wedding because of the photographer.

You see, I’m a bit of a closet photography obsessed nerd. 1,062 more words


How to Fix a Marriage?

I am a divorce attorney.

I may can help save your marriage.  I know it sounds inconsistent, but my job is to know the law regarding divorce in my state, advise you with regards to your best interests, protect your interests as I am able and to comply with your requests as much as possible within the realms of legal, moral and ethical authority. 168 more words