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[Love In Lines] Should I Take His Name? - Deborah Tan

Newly married, Deborah Tan writes about the first of many problems about life as a wife. Today, she asks if she should take her husband’s name. 972 more words

Material World


We enter into relationships with expectations. Sone expectations may  be reasonable and others may be unreasonable. What happens when those expectations are not met? What happens we the unexpected happens? 64 more words


Skeleton in the Closet

The skeleton in the closet
Once was clothed in flesh
Eyes envisioning the future
Two hearts beating for each other

Tears from sightless sockets
An ache in the heartless chest… 45 more words


Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 92-94

Mark 3:20-4:41; 1 Cor. 7-8; Ps. 79; Josh. 20-24

In a few days…
Psalms 78:40-72; 79; 80; 81

Mark: God and His Kingdom is more important than anything else on this planet. 532 more words

Reading Plan

M is for Magic

magic: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source; mysteriously enchanting, magical.

For days Ella’s top front tooth dangles on the diagonal. Absently she pushes the tooth out with her tongue then cradles it back into place over and over. 814 more words

A To Z Challenge

As you cry out in fear I will say to you take courage! Don’t be afraid for I am with you through it all my child. 44 more words


Being Married and All

It’s been more than a month since I got married and everything is so serene now.  Not to bore you with my stories but I am thinking more of… 235 more words