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September 5th - Need a SOUL-ution for Your Relationship? Eve Hogan Shares her Simple Equation that will Transform Your Life!

“We live in a society of blame and victimhood. We think everyone else is the source of our problems and we look outside of ourselves for the solutions.” On Friday, … 174 more words

Jacie And Jeep

Things I've learned, (but often forget)

The other night I got upset at my wife. I’ve learned not to say I got mad. Dogs get mad. I get upset, occasionally. As it turns out I forgot a basic principle. 121 more words

A Successful Marriage

Different Interests, Same Values

Last Friday Jeremy came home late from work. Not horribly late, just a few hours later than normal (7:00 instead of his usual 4:30/5:00). I didn’t pay much attention to it, since I had been busy doing my own things; got home from work around 5:00, took the dog to the dog park, started making dinner and cleaning up the small messes around the house that had accumulated over the week, etc.  601 more words


Relationship Advice part two...because two is too many

I want to send a greeting out to my readers in Taiwan. What in the world must you think of my Southern stories? I hope you all are happily married to the one you chose and someone else didn’t select your spouse for you. 576 more words

Agree to Disagree

1) I think once a marriage stops growing it’s over.
2) Never underestimate the importance of quality alone time.

My wife and I are opposites in some characteristics. 47 more words

A Successful Marriage


Who really wants to hear the good stuff? I’m all in for the shake your head kind of story that makes me glad I am who I am, and live the life I live. 811 more words

See the goodness

 Hey, maybe I should have been a therapist. I could have been my first client! With age comes maturity, or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. 123 more words

A Successful Marriage