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How you respond to your significant other could indicate your relationship health

When your significant other talks to you, how do you respond? How do your heart and head feel when you answer? Do you answer?

A story in the Atlantic reported on two related trends in couples that survive and those that don’t. 687 more words

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Friday Fucking Five - November 21, 2014

Look at this motherfucker right here. Nigga think he special. Well guess what? He is. And he’s about to say “fuck dat science” and deliver the real shit. 643 more words


Want to calm your husband down? Stop talking!

How To Calm A Man Down

A woman goes to the Doctor, worried about her husband’s temper.

The Doctor asks: “What’s the problem?

The woman says: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. 154 more words


Our First Family Meetings - Travel and Fighting Nice

Vacations are an excellent time for you and your partner to do some quality bonding time. Participating in new adventures together, romantic evenings, experiencing a new culture and more free time to spend {uninterrupted} in the bedroom are all ways to help deepen your bond, refresh and form greater connections. 1,572 more words


Falling Out of Love

Every once in a while you hear the story of a relationship that has fallen apart. Whether it be friendship, dating, engagement, or even marriage, I’d bet that no one can say that they’ve never had a relationship that has failed. 1,521 more words


Mental Crash

So last night was the night where I crashed! We DON’T have to be PERFECT!!! There are enough expectations out there that we can’t possibly live up to so why put more on our plate?! 175 more words

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Countdown to 30 - Life Lesson #21 - The Keys to a Successful Relationship

I will say that after 29yrs of dating, I have really grown to know what I want in a relationship. I’m one of those people who loves to learn about other relationships, learn about people, what makes them tick, and how each one of us loves. 2,188 more words