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Twice Married and Still Single

Ryan Burgess and Ali Woodworth are a twice-married lesbian couple living in Richmond, Va. — their first, a church ceremony in ’04; the second, a ’13 courthouse union in Washington, D.C. 22 more words


A Quick Roundup of #10thCircuit Hearing

After originally planning to attend the hearings, I was unable to make the trip. But I’m excited to write a little bit about the oral argument from afar. 219 more words

Marriage Equality

Making History In Tennessee For Gay Marriage Rights

Two women in Tennessee made history last month when their new born baby became the first to have one mother legally listed as the”father” on the birth certificate. 59 more words

Marriage Equality

Still Straight: Always Was, Even When I Wasn't

Language changes, and the rate of change has been accelerating ever since the invention of print.

I’m old enough to remember people, even older, saying things like “We had a gay old time,” without any raised eyebrows or eye rolling, , although there may have been someone in the background stifling a giggle even then. 585 more words

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God Hates Intolerant Conservatives

Poor Fred Phelps: vilified in life, vilified in death. At least he’s dead:
http://www.kansascity.com/2014/03/20/4902995/fred-phelps-of-westboro-baptist.html . Perhaps, Ghost-like, others can attack him in retribution for the suffering he caused and led. 518 more words

Marriage Equality

It is Not Hate, nor Homophobic: This is the Clear and Simple Definition of Marriage

I have no problem with anyone loving whom they wish to love. Who am I to judge whether that relationship is wrong or right? Does this generation believe that they have the market on the questioning of why some people are attracted to the people they are? 159 more words