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Congratulations, South Carolina!

Marriage quality in the Palmetto State has been a long time comin’ ever since a ruling from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year effectively legalized same-sex marriage in Virginia. 91 more words

Wedding Belles

Parental leave extended but gay and lesbian couples can't have children together anyway

On Friday, the Legislative Yuan finished the third reading of a bill amending the Gender Equality in Employment Act (性別工作平等法). It awaits presidential promulgation before being in effect.  385 more words

Same-Sex Marriage

March for marriage equality

Written by Mathew Knight

Around a thousand demonstrators attended the March for Marriage Equality at The State Library on Saturday afternoon, protesting against current laws that prevent same-sex couples from marrying. 23 more words


Making Gay Okay Ch. 2: A Quick Note on an Ettelbrick Quote

Just a quick note today on Chapter 2 of Making Gay Okay.

Reilly starts the chapter with a quote from “lesbian advocate” Paula Ettelbrick. The debate about gay marriage, Reilly tells us, is all about, in Ettelbrick’s words, “transforming the very fabric of society… radically reordering society’s views of reality.” 817 more words

I Never Know Where These Will Lead

It’s a funny thing, not ha ha, that I just keep thinking. Let’s see where this one leads…

There are some people that should not drink, ever. 623 more words

Straight Ally

Congrats, South Carolina!

Marriage equality comes to South Carolina! Though I didn’t keep up with many of them, I knew quite a few LGBT folks in college in South Carolina. 360 more words

The Daily

35 out of 50 states now have marriage equality

via Truth.

The supreme irony here is absolutely nobody was talking about marriage equality in the 90s.  Along comes the Joker (aka Newt Gingrich) deduced there were votes to be had in defending the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, and remember this was NEWT FUCKIN’ GINGRICH, by conjuring a spectre of marriage equality with the Defence of Marriage Act.   13 more words

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