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A small group of evangelicals have recently founded a curious organization, Evangelicals for Marriage Equality. I will have the pleasure (sincerely) of getting together with their leading spokesperson this week at an important…

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Idahoan Ministers Will NOT be Punished for Refusing to Marry Same-Sex Couples

As marriage equality is slowly legalized state by state across America, the harder homophobic loons of the Christian Right are working to find a way —  1,298 more words


Australian Opposition Leader gives the business to right-wing Christian lobby

Amazing speech. And its not just because he directly supports marriage equality in his speech. Or the fact that he said this in front of the right-wing, anti-gay Australian Christian Lobby. 33 more words


Leaving the statehouse on a winter evening

Whose rights denied I think I know

And how, and why it has been so

For Senate watched our futile tears

Then shook priests’ hands and voted “no.”

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Mutual Forbearance in an Age of Fear

I’ve recently blogged about the “nontroversy” (non-controversy) of the couple in Idaho who own the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel and are claiming religious persecution. Donald and Lynn Knapp fear the government is going to put them in jail and fine them because they won’t officiate same gender weddings at the Hitching Post. 957 more words

The Pastoral Is Political

There's Santorum On Your Radio (Ew, Gross!)

That frothy mix of lube and fecal matter Rick Santorum believes that The Youte of Today would be down with hating on the ‘mos, if… 67 more words