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Thoughts on the Patriarchy:

One of my friends (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons) just posted a status on Facebook about her weight and struggles with the scale. She’s struggled with her weight for forever, but recently just lost 150 lbs. 238 more words

LGBT Couples 'Absolutely' Welcome to Enter Radio's 'Dream Wedding' Contest

WPOC, the country station out of Baltimore, Maryland, is holding a Dream Wedding contest. Since Maryland is a state where gay couples can marry legally, I wondered if the contest was open to same-sex couples. 216 more words

Gay Marriage

Marriage Equality

No, no. This isn’t about college or anything going on in my life…sort of. I just felt that I should talk about a topic that means a lot to me, and that is the topic of marriage equality. 556 more words


That Didn't Last Long, Or: My Intolerance for Intolerance

I tried. I tried really hard to be Orthodox. So much of it felt lovely. But there were these dark shadows nibbling at the edges. The biggest of them sported a familiar shape: patriarchy. 468 more words

"The dogs of war [were] unleashed week after week after week to attack me..."

… or so says John Waters here.

‘Tsunami’s of hatred’, ‘an ideological dimension’, ‘sinister developments’, ‘alert the Irish people to what’s happening’, ‘your freedom is at stake’, ‘what happens to the Irish Times isn’t a domestic matter, it’s a matter for the Irish people’, ‘a mob on twitter are dictating what is happening’, ‘lack of support’, ‘condescension’, ‘why should I have to endure this kind of abuse from people for expressing my opinion’, ‘I’m saying to them ‘wake up’, your newspapers and media are being taken over’, ‘the chanting mobs on twitter’…

And more… and more… and…


The Great Fluoridation Conspiracy

The last few elections, my sister greeted canvassers to her door with the blunt demand to know the candidate’s stance on gay marriage.

I suppose that this, coming from a young mother of small children in a largely rural Cork constituency, could be characterised as a trick question, but my sister has long been an advocate of marriage equality. 851 more words

Jars of Clay frontman comes out for gay marriage

Wow, an unexpected but interesting twist in the Christian gay marriage debate.  Jars of Clay frontman Dan Haseltine tweeted yesterday

I’m not trying to stir things up BUT… Is there a non-speculative or non “slippery slope” reason why gays shouldn’t marry?

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