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The rainbow football

A Writer writes No Fibs.

IN July 2013 I started contributing to independent Australian news site No Fibs, a journey which began with the controversial issue of marriage equality. 1,137 more words

LGBT Equality

Same-Sex Marriage: A (supportive) Argument

In America, the separation of Church and State is kind of a big deal.

As it should be, of course, because our society- a society based on principle of freedom, equality, and opportunity would not function fully if no provisions were made to distinguish between what the government owes us through the social contract that is the basis for a democracy, and what the opinions of individuals are. 637 more words


Activist judges push 'gay marriage'

2 more rulings from government-paid courts move fight closer to Supremes

The movement sweeping across America to authorize same-sex “marriage” largely has been pushed by individual judges who have signed onto the movement to overthrow the millennia-old idea that it is a man and a woman who make a married couple. 1,795 more words

United States

"Faith-Based Fanatics": The Ancient Struggle Of My God Versus Your God Is At The Root Of Dozens Of Atrocities

He’s had a busy summer. As God only knows, he was summoned to slaughter in the Holy Land, asked to end the killings of Muslims by Buddhist monks in Myanmar, and played both sides again in the 1,400-year-old dispute over the rightful successor to the Prophet Muhammad. 771 more words

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