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Forbidden fruits?

Something quite remarkable happened to me. I fell in love. Sure, it’s an everyday thing. People fall in love all the time. Some marry, some break up again. 507 more words



We got the kid.  We got the kid.  I have to keep saying it because I still don’t fully believe it.  I’m in shock.  It doesn’t seem real.   518 more words

Chen Shui-bian and same-sex marriage

Shortly after Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) became president in 2000, he convened the Presidential Office Human Rights Advisory Panel (總統府人權諮詢小組), predecessor to today’s Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee (總統府人權諮詢委員會). 257 more words

Same-Sex Marriage

Which One Is The Horse's Ass?

That’s obviously a rhetorical question. It’s the two legged one on the right:

A Mississippi pastor decided to stomp around outside a federal courthouse on Friday with a horse dressed in a wedding gown, to protest legalization of gay marriage in his state.

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Tori Johnson: Gay Hero of Sydney Hostage Crisis

James Peron recently posted an article where he discusses the heroic actions of a gay man, Tori Johnson, who sacrificed his life to end the hostage situation in Sydney and allow his fellow hostages to escape. 1,040 more words

Current Issues

Civil Marriage Referendum Date a Step Closer to Equality

The Irish Government has committed to a May equal marriage referendum bringing Ireland a step closer to a Republic where all citizens are treated equally. Marriage Equality is appealing to Irish people’s sense of fairness and common sense when considering their vote, while also urging supporters against complacency. 299 more words


An open letter to the Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney

Dear Archbishop Fisher,

I found your words at yesterday’s Catholic Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral hypocritical and problematic in respect of one of the victims of the siege at Sydney’s Lindt Cafe, given the Catholic Church’s: 138 more words

Gay Rights