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Of Parties and Scary Clowns

Dear Friends,
I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely holiday weekend. Yesterday, the big son had his first scrimmage. His football pants started out white and no bandaids were needed. 144 more words


Never Lost a Bar Fight

Dear Friends,
Going out the other night and observing some ‘dancerinas’ made me think back to a time when my demeanor wasn’t what it is today (I pray today it can be classified as somewhat thoughtful). 184 more words


“The Hundred-Foot Journey”: Food for the Soul

by Kathy Winings

An old adage used to be that there were two constants in life: death and taxes. For the 21st century, it seems that we have two new constants: cultural conflict and food. 1,414 more words


Indian Lay Leader: Synod Must Bring LGBT People 'In From the Cold'

What does Virginia Saldanha want from this fall’s Synod concerning marriage and family life? Bringing LGBT people ‘in from the cold’ would be a good start. 693 more words


The Big White Kitchen in the Sky

Dear Friends,
When I was twelve, my grandfather passed away. It was my first experience with losing a loved one. I recall two specific things from that time. 290 more words


Wilson: Laziness

“Laziness is a very common temptation to the male sex, but it is one which threatens true masculinity. More men are likely to ‘unman’ themselves through laziness than through many other sins.”

- Douglas Wilson, Fidelity


Islam Does Not Accept Domestic Abuse

To those who tell you to be silent and have ‘patience’ about abuse, know that the Prophet (pbuh) said:”Help your brother if he is an oppressor or oppressed.” A man said, “Messenger of Allah, I can help him if he is oppressed but tell me how I can help him if he is the oppressor?” He said, “Prevent him from oppressing. 6 more words