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The Different Types of Oppression Upon the Muslim Women

In the name of Allah, The Just, All-Wise. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions and all those who follow them in goodness until the day of Return. 1,533 more words

Marriage Issues

The Husband and Wife should Stick Together as a Team

The mother-in-law makes the heavily pregnant daughter-in-law cook bread on the hot stove, while the husband sits at the dining table, waiting, along with the rest of the family. 172 more words

Marriage Issues

On The Clock

I sent word, via text, to My Bride that I have given myself the arbitrary deadline of October 31 to see some sort of improvement or I will leave her. 659 more words

Marriage Issues

Is it permissible to delay Hajj until after marriage?

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked: Is it permissible to delay Hajj until after marriage for one who is able to do it? 431 more words

Marriage Issues

Regarding Those Who Try to Provoke the Spouses Against Each Other

Question: What is the ruling on someone who tries to provoke the spouses against each other, if they are from among the wife’s relatives?

Answer: It is Haraam to provoke a wife or turn her against her husband, whether the one who does this is a relative or not. 105 more words

Marriage Issues

Holding the line - Non Negotiable standards are key to decision making

My husband and I were blessed to have had AMAZING pre-marital counseling.  One of the keys lessons that we learned was the importance of non-negotiable.  During one of our sessions Pastor Ray asked us to come with 3 non-negotiables, things that were so important to us that we were not willing to compromise.   312 more words

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Keeping Score And Seeing Other's Problems

This guy emailed his wife a spreadsheet of all the times she turned him down for sex AND her reasons why over a 7 week period. 261 more words

Marriage Issues