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Different Opinions Between the Spouses

Question: If I follow an opinion, from the opinions of the people of knowledge, that is different than the one my husband follows, do I have to follow the opinion that my husband follows or can I follow the opinion that I believe to be correct? 302 more words

Marriage Issues

I will make your people my people - marriage edition

Seven years ago I committed to love, honor and submit to my husband.  Yes, I did say that word on my wedding day.  It’s controversial but after a long season of healing and restoration I was able to say that word. 501 more words


Meandering Through The Pain

It’s interesting, life. You think you have a handle on things. You think you have an idea of what’s going on. You think there’s some sort respite from fighting and slogging through life. 469 more words

Marriage Issues

Reviving Our Sense of Gheerah

We live in societies in which most men and women have lost their sense of modesty. Women are obsessed with their appearances and wear clothes to be seen by others and to attract the attention of other men even if they are married! 1,826 more words

Brothers Upon Salafiyyah

Husbands: Protect Your Wives and Protect Your Children (for the wives to consider as well)


This is a lecture that should put the heart of every woman at ease. Though the life of a woman in Islam may seem difficult to some who have no knowledge, or insight, Allah Has promised Paradise for His righteous servants. 3,152 more words

Sisters Upon Salafiyyah

It's Not The End, But I Can See It From Here

I am happy to report my recovery is going strong.

Things in my personal life, however, have been going downhill quickly.

This past week has been horrible for my marriage. 1,499 more words

Marriage Issues

Regarding Divulging Marital Secrets Outside of the Home or to Other Members of the Household

Question: Some women are overcome by the urge to communicate what is said in the house and their marital life to their relatives and friends. Some of what is said is secret, and the husband does not want anyone else to know it. 419 more words

Marriage Issues