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Be Happy

“I think we need to put some kind of plan together, make some goals. The old saying is, If you don’t set goals, you’ll hit them. 1,070 more words


Kissing To Build

One if my favorite activities. We used to kiss quite a bit and it was splendiferous. The feel of her lips upon mine, the wetness of the kiss showing the level of passion, the warmth of our mouths together. 1,460 more words


Obvious Solutions

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha

THAT is a disturbing quote
One of my bigger issues I face in my recovery is time. 451 more words


Tired, Sleepy Caveman




Must sleep…keep monsters out head…

Must sleep…no want loose sobriety…

Must sleep…it hard think new caveman sentences.

Therapy good
Pain mandatory… 122 more words

Marriage Issues

Up Down And All Around

There are no truer words.

My Bride and I had a successful day today. She sat next to me during our family Easter time. She held my hand today. 178 more words


The Reactions

There are a few things that truly hit me viscerally. It would seem that any interaction with My Bride that is deeper than, “Hey, what’s up” is on that list. 610 more words

Marriage Issues

A Few Humorous Thoughts And A Sappy One

I just re-read the title of my post from yesterday: Test Scores And A Sappy Ending and it seriously cracked me up. Then a creepy thought came in- I wish I could’ve named it Test Scores And A… 483 more words