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Marriage Is Not Just About Lust and Fulfilling the Desires (Refuting Mut`ah: Temporary Marriage)

‘Marriage is not lust and the woman is not just pleasure and enjoyment’

The noble Shaykh, the Mufti of the committee of major scholars in Saudi Arabia, Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah Aali Shaykh declared that marriage is not just about lust and fulfilling the desires rather… 3,349 more words

Marriage Issues

Touch, Hurt, Victory?

Last night I wrote a very heartfelt (read: terrible) poem about missing the touch of My Bride. It was brought on by an interaction we had just had, as well as the fact there has been… 310 more words

Marriage Issues

Advice on Dealing with a Difficult Husband

Question: Even though my husband – may Allah forgive him – is a person of good character and fears Allah, yet he does not treat me with kindness. 795 more words

Marriage Issues

Never Stop Searching

It has been 11 months since My Bride informed me of her disdain for sex. I don’t like sex, I don’t want to have it, talk about it, give it or have anything to do with it. 663 more words


Different Opinions Between the Spouses

Question: If I follow an opinion, from the opinions of the people of knowledge, that is different than the one my husband follows, do I have to follow the opinion that my husband follows or can I follow the opinion that I believe to be correct? 302 more words

Marriage Issues

I will make your people my people - marriage edition

Seven years ago I committed to love, honor and submit to my husband.  Yes, I did say that word on my wedding day.  It’s controversial but after a long season of healing and restoration I was able to say that word. 501 more words


Meandering Through The Pain

It’s interesting, life. You think you have a handle on things. You think you have an idea of what’s going on. You think there’s some sort respite from fighting and slogging through life. 469 more words

Marriage Issues