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The Choice

“If hope is what you’re after, I can take it and turn it into rain

Your tears become laughter

I will catch them and turn them back again”         874 more words


I think I was expecting too much from my two year span from D-day which was  August 3rd, 2012. 

Don’t know why, but I had convinced myself that two years was going to be my duration of infidelity hell.  1,030 more words


Running Scared...

For too many years of my life, I would sit in the front row of the church with a deep conflict battling within. On the outside you would never know, because I would cover the war going on inside with a smile and a heartfelt kind word. 662 more words

being a victim vs. being a survivor

Dear Friend,

It’s so easy during those first few months (years) to identify as a victim of infidelity. After all, we undergo a trauma that’s akin to losing a loved one. 349 more words


The one where I realise this is now a marriage recovery blog

In my last post I wrote in response to a prompt ‘Whisper’ and I think it’s time for me to start whispering some truths on this blog. 694 more words


confront the OW? think twice

Dear Friend,

Don’t ever confront the other woman. For two years, I’ve dreamed of what I’d say to X. But recently, I’ve learned why it’s never good to confront the other woman. 172 more words


What adultery does to us

How does adultery change us?

When I started writing this blog I decided upon the metaphor of  “Weathering The Storm of Marital Infidelity” to reflect how I was feeling about my own predicament and hint at the nature of what I was going to write about.    491 more words