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The Familiar Abyss

“What are you scared about the most?”

It was a question that cut to my core. Innocuous, it would seem, as something that we all ask of those that we know; but given the right context and timing, it cut to my core. 480 more words

Twenty Years and Still going....

July 23, 1994 to July 23, 2014
Twenty years have come and gone since that beautiful day I became your bride. When we spoke our vows to each other in front of God and a room full of our family and friends, we were both so young and full of hopes and dreams. 955 more words

No Judgement, Just Love

Two of my favourite Bible verses. Why? Because these are the cornerstone to humanity. It’s about love, forgiveness, kindness, and remembering our place.
I can be so quick to judge, whether it’s the actions of acquaintances, friends or family, it’s not my place to judge, just to love. 35 more words


5 Things John Legend Can Teach Men on How to Treat a Lady

John Legend is an award winning American R&B Artist. His songs “All of me” dedicated to his wife and “You and I” have impacted the world of music since their release. 355 more words

Vincent Egoro

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"What a Woman Needs is for Her Man to be there for her." But Not just when she is feeling Low!

Actually, Man has the same Needs too!


One has to Appreciate John Legend's suggestions, like:

Appreciating her wisdom and advice, Renewing One's Marriage Vows periodically, Telling Her that She is Beautiful, and Importantly, Creating 'Alone Times' for her, And Not only Saying nice words, but showing the Love in Action.


John says: “ Give your all to me, and I will give my all to you.” If We are going to talk about Love, We Love In Spite of Everything. He speaks of the marriage vows. Most probably he does even remember what he had said then.

Yes, Unfortunately, John leaves a Bitter After-taste in the Mouth. There is a thing called 'Humility with a Hook.' John's compliments are actually of that kind; Barbed Ones.

His saying:

"I love all your imperfections,” “What would I do without your smart mouth?” etc,

Might sound whatever You want to call it, but they are Actually Put-Downs.

Said the Right way, in the Right place, like Your Bedroom, they would be indeed superb. But coming out in the Public like this, shows he has his very Shoe in his mouth. ...Not to be Emulated.

Dearest Russ - Beautiful

January 2013 – There have been three men who have told me I was beautiful. You are Number 3
Number 1: When my husband was still alive I was in my bra and panties looking at myself in the mirror. 295 more words

Dearest Russ

Couple shares their #1 secret to 60 years of marriage

Valerie and Walter Scott just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and they shared with The Daily Echo newspaper their reasons why their marriage has been so successful. 117 more words

Love And Marriage

Dearest Russ - Strawberry Lotion & the Big "50"

December 2013. You were a needy bastard during the month of December. I don’t know if it was the pressure of turning 50 years old. At the time you had two phones. 506 more words

Dearest Russ