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First rule of relationships: No one is a mind reader!

Okay, so I think this is a hilarious meme. I am not a fan of gender stereotyping, though, so we could also imagine the roles being reversed, with a man on the moon. 298 more words


So...trying to speak up...

I am trying to be brave. It was so much easier when I made him make decisions (such as whether he wanted to stay or go, and so on) and I just looked inside myself and told myself “I can do this”. 580 more words


He and me

Me: We should get a cat and a dog.

He: What?

Me: We should get a cat and a dog.

He: Why? 74 more words


“For long term relationships, you’re going to have to fall in love more than once.

The girl you met in college is not the same person as the woman with a career, who is not the same person as the mother of babies, who is not the same person as the mother of teenagers, who is not the same person as the retiree… 26 more words

The Mental Illness Soapbox.

It’s beginning to feel like I’ve been in a long term relationship or dead-end marriage with mental illness. The bipolar black hole is so intense and consuming, eh…I’m even sick of myself. 7 more words

Mental Health

10 Duties and responsibilities of the best man

1.Help the groom choose and rent wedding formalwear, and coordinate the other
groomsmen’s rentals.

2.Stand beside the groom at the altar and keep the bride’s ring until vows are exchanged. 129 more words


Rhymes With Nifty Hive

My relationship with Bob began at a dinner held in his honor. In December of 2002, I had been working for Bob for only a few months and while we were professional at the office, our affection for one another was becoming clear. 708 more words