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I survived...barely.

My husband had surgery July 25.  He is just now returning to his baseline.  It has been a rough month.

I’ve been a nurse for over a decade.   325 more words

Chronic Illness

Reasons to date a short guy

They live longer, turn you into a model, and more reasons you need to give shorties a chance.

Tips for #dating a short guy – …

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Sensation play

Sensation play can be a great way to get off by honing in on taste, touch, hearing, seeing and smell … or being denied one of those senses to amplify the other sensations.

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Watching movies together

Could something as simple as watching movies help your relationship? One-hundred-seventy-four enga…

Could watching movies together be good for your #relationship? http://www.scienceofrelationships.com/home/2014/8/20/take-your-relationship-to-the-movies.html


I owe an apology......

I owe an apology to every friend I have who has undertaken a house renovation.  I now understand that it really is all-consuming.  When you would talk to me about counter tops or which kind of door you should put on your bathroom, I was as bored as I appeared.   506 more words


My Masters in Marriage Degree

I’ve been married for 12 years, which in this day and age, is pretty much the equivalent of getting your masters in marriage (I’d say it takes 25 years to get your doctorate, but I’m just making shit up here, so you go with whatever degree you think you’ve earned, I’ll support it). 1,605 more words

My Monkeys, My Circus