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Sermon: Getting the roles right

Sunday 19 October 2014 morning service.

Text: 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Preacher: Gareth Friend

Getting the roles right 1 Cor 11v1to16 notes

when you fall asleep writing a title and hit publish on accident

So, I started recording myself.


Because I have thoughts. Many of them. And I can’t write them down legibly fast enough.

I have an app on my phone called “Tape a Talk” which is far better for everyone than the old¬†write and drive. 515 more words

Live The Season

Let's end the destructive cycles

Content note: discussion of rape, marital rape, their sexual and emotional consequences

Firstly, greetings! I break the silence after some two months. So many topics are bouncing around in my head; hopefully I will get them out onto…not paper, since I so rarely write by hand these days…soon, and it will be quieter in here. 1,157 more words

Critical Analysis

Janet, A Success Story. October 20. #TSJ

Grumpy Janet made a brief appearance this afternoon as she helped out with dinner prep. Apparently its good to help out at home because “that’s for us” but she shouldn’t have to help at Connect “because no one else does”. 343 more words


Online Book Study Session 3 (Chapters 9-12)

As mentioned in the previous post, we’ve gone deeper through these chapters into more of a “self revelation” type of thought process. Understanding who we are as an individual will help us better communicate with others. 412 more words

Two Perspections To The Same Situation

Two Women chatting in the office.

Woman 1: I had a fine evening, how was yours?

Woman 2: It was a disaster.. My husband came home, ate his dinner in 3 minutes and fell asleep. 158 more words


Meager Options

As I am somewhat busy at the moment, I’m afraid original posts will have to wait for the time being. In the interim I am going to do what I often do when pressed for time: rip off of major bloggers, in this case… 1,458 more words

Red Pill