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Jeff & Allison // Love Story

These two have a love that is so radiant is just exudes out of each other. Filming them was an absolute breeze! We started by a short hike down into a reserve that we really didn’t know would turn out or not. 69 more words

Arizona Videography

50 years of blasted bliss...

cantankerous bitch

whose venom strangles me dead.

deceived with eyes shut.

bride, sweet beauty mine.

ever lost…or never was.

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NEVER Underestimate The Power Of Sex... Part 1

“I have a headache.”  “Not tonight honey– maybe next time.”  “Can I have a rain check please?”  When will married people learn that to deny your spouse due benevolence is to sever your marriage.   715 more words


Gay in Rehoboth

Being poor really sucks in the summer. It truly does. All season long you watch those around you flock to various beaches, and luxurious hotspots all over the country. 445 more words


Where to Start?

As the name of this blog suggests, I am a husband and I’ve had an epiphany. You see, about 6 months ago my wife told me she wanted a divorce and it shattered my life. 554 more words



Having been away from blogging for over a year now, I realised how much I missed it, there’s definitely something very therapeutic about writing, especially when it’s about the things you love. 89 more words


Day 1- Settling In

We’ve set out on eleven marriage mission trips prior to this one. While each trip is unique, there are also a few similarities.

1. It takes about 100 miles for the ice to settle in the cooler and for us to settle into our road-seats. 79 more words