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Videogaming and house hosting (English Edition)

When you own a collection of videogames at your house and are hosting for visitors interested in videogaming, it is ill-advised that you play strictly single-player videogames; When you have such visitors watch you play strictly single-player videogames, they will lose interest in visiting your house; Furthermore, it is disrespectful to play strictly single-player games in the presence of visitors that want to play videogames with you.  48 more words


bringing the stars closer

Out to the driveway to the camper in my pajamas to drink a little wine and string together letters—one key at a time—in an attempt to unify wants and needs, desires, expectations, roles and fears and distractions, so I can strip away the layers, minimize this big existence by focusing on the stars and planets that twinkle with possibility so close, but so far away for you, for me, for everybody. 268 more words


Only his daughter could give that peck...

The list was big, the items were new,
The place was crowded,but only their families knew..

It was a choice, a choice so hard,
The father had fallen ill, the mother held guard.. 398 more words

Temporary Tax Breaks Extended

Temporary Tax Breaks Good for 2014; Future Up to Congress


WASHINGTON — Many taxpayers can rest easier knowing that Congress extended a series of tax breaks for individuals and businesses before adjourning in December. 600 more words


When You Don't Feel It

My last post talked mostly about how God doesn’t hide from us. Today I wanted to speak a little bit more about this subject, and why you don’t always feel that God is near. 1,032 more words


Love to all

So many people in my life have urged me to create a blog or write a book about my experiences as a true believer, wheelchair user, mom & ultimate nit wit, so here goes. 78 more words


A Few Final Thoughts on Finances

Dear Money Readers,

If you have been reading my blog for the last few weeks, I hope you have learned a little about personal finances. I’m no expert on the subject, but I know what has worked for us. 781 more words