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Hurting people hurt others, isn’t it? When you have been treated badly and hurt by people you love or loved so dearly (and maybe who also loved you at one point or the other), the tendency to go through life lashing back at people-even without knowing it is so high. 257 more words


Never Too Late

This is is my kitchen right now.  Yes, it’s disgusting.  If you can see the door at the end – that is actually my pantry.  It’s the size of a small house (an exaggeration – but it does feel that big today! 303 more words

I'm ready

I am ready for the day I can take your hand and ask you to marry me. I am ready to feel the emotions that come with that. 129 more words


Today, I Turned 40

Well, I guess technically it was yesterday that I turned forty, but I started this blog post early the morning of my birthday (10/25) and just never came back to finish. 375 more words


Fix 7 Common Marriage Problems Like a Pro!

In married life, every couple encounters common marriage problems; every sweetheart turns into an exorcist. Every morning paralyzes you with fright when you feel that something dreadful is lying next to you; you wish to scream like there is no tomorrow… That time, you knew you were marrying the right person. 1,093 more words


Do We Need To Set Aside The Word Marriage?

I believe that someone in the ‘sphere has linked to this before, but I don’t think I’ve feature it on my blog so its about time. 262 more words


Finish-ing School for Men

I just got a plot of land, my own do bigha zameen. Don’t ask me how now. It’s in UP hinterland and no body asks any questions there. 1,013 more words

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