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Words you shouldn’t ever have to tell a spouse

(since they are supposed to not cheat in the first place)

I will tell you something I never thought I would feel the need to tell to you as my husband and former best friend, but I will do this now, because you know fully well that I have and still am always taking care of the kids and household and taking care of all sorts of duties and responsibilities that comes with a marriage and children (and in reality I am shouldering more than what should come with a marriage and kids), and the least I need back from you is for you to act respectfully towards me, and to not do anything indecent in my back. 983 more words


In Over My Head

Before I start the next challenge, I wanna do a little evaluation of my previous one – “Don’t Tell It Like It Is.”  I’m generally pretty good at not being too blunt.   1,132 more words


The 'No Touching' Rule

When looking for a relationship, I always considered three things. Firstly, future. I’m not saying I only dated guys I saw a future with. If I knew it was just for fun, then that was cool. 950 more words


The Lonely Life Of A Separatee (Part 4)

I’m having a bad few days… All after I saw him… It’s a mess… I’m torn between missing him, loving Him, and cursing his very existence! 299 more words


Quietus-Kissed, Cast Adrift Within (Good Friday Occitan Sonnet)

Quietus-kissed, cast adrift within
remedial sleep’s Elysian dream
with Solaris stitching Lunaris-spin,
weaving a family foreseen three

Either naively or sovereignly destined,
like a shield I cleave to the belief… 49 more words

Ancient Love

Circumstances won’t allow

Our souls to reunite right now,

Still I feel him everywhere I go.

He speaks in dreams and memories

Pretty words and melodies… 32 more words