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Yada, Yada, Yada: Why God Wants You To Wait To Have Sex

I almost gave it all away because I didn’t want to have to wait anymore. Sick and tired of the waiting game, I contemplated compromising my purity. 862 more words


Through Your Eyes

There is nothing that I seek to keep hidden
All my vulnerabilities are seen in your vision.
You see passion and love as if their form was physical… 180 more words


Let's Talk about Two, Baby!

I bought Callen a shirt that says “Two’s aren’t terrible…I am having a blast!” This shirt sums up our experience right now. He is a runner, climber, talker, screamer, player (the good kind not the boys we hate in high school), and such a fun kid to be around. 214 more words


the story before the story // happy 30th anniversary mom and dad

30 years ago today, my story became a possibility. two people, having only known each other for 6 months but trusting in love got married. and this is their story. 382 more words



If you want to get something done real quick (after you’ve asked nicely) then do it while he is playing NBA2k15 (or 14.whatever). Just noticed that since he’s been playing online, he needs to keep score. 74 more words


The Myth of the Perfect Spouse

By Chris

When I look back at my life it’s interesting to see what I worshipped. It can be a fascinating and telling trip back in time, touring the memories of my childhood and younger adult life from a safe distance. 1,339 more words


Russian women marry up aka diamond diggers

Russian women have made it an art and they are quite good in playing their game. Whether or not you praise them, they probably don’t care. 204 more words