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Does gay marriage make straight men hate children?

A few comments on a recent brief against marriage equality in Utah. But first some background.

As public opinion has shifted so dramatically on same-sex marriage, there has been… 1,212 more words


A dream is just a dream unless you bring it into view, and just like any marriage, there must be action behind the “i do.”

Jasper J. Shaffer

Just Saying

My Son Face-Planted a Cactus

While I wish I could be joining Daile in her Swanky Singapore Vacay, I’m super excited to be guest posting over on her blog, Kiss Me Out of Desire… 89 more words


Crumbling Marriages

There seems to be a surge in marriages breaking up. Why is it that we as a generation are suddenly intolerant of making things work? And worse still there is a whole lot of negativity, spitefulness, insensitivity, immorality, and to a certain extent, a lack of humanity, that is becoming a part of getting a divorce. 260 more words


You get into it

There is something annoyingly perky, can-do American about Ann Patchett, as displayed in her latest collection of non-fiction, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, … 295 more words

DAY 5: 5 Things That Make Me Most Happy Right Now

1. Time. Lately, I’ve been spending most of my weekends over at my parents’. And because my mom likes to be kept posted on our wedding preps, she calls me a lot during the weekdays and we just talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. 879 more words


A moving sea between the shores of your souls

Wise advice on marriage from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet:

… let there be spaces in your togetherness.
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

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