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Land of Confusion

Over a year had gone by since they had really talked…or had anything for that matter. It had been over a year since she had sat down with her husband. 151 more words


Certain Things Will Make Married Women SO Sick of Hearing.

Married life is pretty damn sweet—you’ve got a partner for life and somebody to spend holidays with. However while being married rocks, some of the outside comment that comes with it can get actually…well, frustrating. 343 more words


What's in a name?

Hello internet,

you can call me littleblackcat00 (thats two zeros, by the way, not two letter ‘o’s), if you’d like. I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while now, but I tossed and turned over the issue. 284 more words


Blog Challenge Day Two: in 10 years

In ten years I will be 33….

Yikes! That’s a scary thought.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the future.  It’s actually called future (I seemed to have missed the memo about using creative board names).   319 more words


My Thoughts...9/12...Friday

Friday, 9/12

 This morning, I really looked forward to talking with Sir, spending time with him, and playing with him, as I was going to miss him terribly next week, even though we’d probably get at least some messages throughout the week he was gone for work. 1,583 more words

Adults Only

HER feelings are hurt...

WTF?!? Really?!? HER feelings are hurt. I didn’t do anything for our anniversary. We aren’t together. She made that CLEAR. And when we had an anniversary a few months ago she very harshly informed me that we don’t have anniversaries because those days don’t mean anything. 95 more words