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Things I have Been Doing for Years

I was told yesterday that I don’t seem to respect people by my partner’s therapist in a joint session with him.  It was a harsh awakening because I usually view myself as a very respectful person.   435 more words


30 Ways to Hook-up at Work for Very Discreet Gay Men (No. 3)

Strategy No. 3: “Be a Friend and Confidant”

Okay, pardon me, but this may sound predatory. You can in fact hookup by becoming your handsome officemate’s friend and confidant. 216 more words


“Hey Bridge, how’s your love life?”

Happy Good Friday everybody!! Anyone feeling a little bit sluggish I’m sure in 3 days time you’ll be back on your feet! 965 more words


The Bunny Comes on Sunday

Here is a look at some of the Easter memories I have accumulated over the past few years.  Enjoy and Happy Easter!



I always wonder of the what could have happened. There are many things that make me question the cycles of life we take. For instance, last year I met this amazing guy; best conversation, understood my quirky sense of humor, and thought I was just adorable. 370 more words

Husbands Are Cool

As previously mentioned, I met my husband when I was only 17 years old. We stared dating almost immediately and the rest is history. We have done so much together over the last five and a half years and I’m so thankful for every minute of it. 364 more words

Unravel to embrace

Forward movement. Progress. Evolvement. Unraveling. Each word is unique, yet they have something in common, but word one stands out. One with a clear definition: 925 more words