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Marriott's Shameful Hotel Tipping Scam on Creators.com

via Marriott’s Shameful Hotel Tipping Scam on Creators.com.

by Jim Hightower

As an old popular song from the 1970s asks, what do you get if you “work your fingers right down to the bone”?

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Traveling in synthetic worlds

I visited virtual Hawaii from a hotel in Times Square

If virtual reality is as successful as its proponents hope, hotel chain Marriott is playing a dangerous game. 106 more words

Virtual Reality

Marriott fined $600k by FCC for jamming guests' personal Wi-Fi

A recent FCC ruling saw popular hotel chain Marriott fined $600,000 for illegally blocking the personal hotspots and other consumer Wi-Fi networks of its guests during a 2013 event. 323 more words


Will This 4D Virtual Teleporter Be The Future Of Travel?


In its journey to explore the future of travel, Marriott Hotels is taking an unprecedented leap into virtual reality by teleporting travelers to the beaches of Hawaii and downtown London. 435 more words


At Marriott, Going To Hawaii Means Standing In A Warm, Misty Booth Wearing Goggles

You know how when you go to Hawaii, you sort of stand very still one, warm spot wearing weird goggles while the ocean breeze mists your face? 209 more words

Virtual Travel Experience

Marriott Can ‘Teleport’ You to Hawaii or London via Oculus Rift

Marriott Hotels is giving a glimpse into the future of travel to those who really don’t like to travel. 97 more words

Virtual Reality

Hotels Turn App Friendly

All hotels from luxury such as The Taj and The Marriott to budget properties like The Ginger are introducing mobile apps to lure patrons.

In the age of technology mobiles are proving smart companions. 401 more words

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