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At Marriott, Going To Hawaii Means Standing In A Warm, Misty Booth Wearing Goggles

You know how when you go to Hawaii, you sort of stand very still one, warm spot wearing weird goggles while the ocean breeze mists your face? 209 more words

Virtual Travel Experience

Marriott Can ‘Teleport’ You to Hawaii or London via Oculus Rift

Marriott Hotels is giving a glimpse into the future of travel to those who really don’t like to travel. 97 more words

Virtual Reality

Whatcha watchin'?

As a college student, I don’t have a lot of free time and I don’t intend to waste it on bad tv. My current favourite television show is… 247 more words

Microsoft Gets "Craft"-y; Radio Smack; Marriott Hotels: The Envelope Please...


Look out Xbox. Microsoft put on its best game face as it picked up Mojang Ab, the maker of Minecraft, arguably one of the most awesomest games to hit the universe. 473 more words

Hot Off The Press: Cigarette Tax, Marriott Hotels, Eagles & More!

News you can use….


Today: Sunny and Pleasant High: Low 70’s

Lawmakers Are Back! Prayerfully, They Will Approve The Cigarette Tax For Philly’s Public Schools! 252 more words

CeCe McGhee

Week #2: Welcome to Social Media and Emerging Technologies!

The first week of SMET has officially kicked off and we had a lot to cover! We started things off with an introduction to social media; what it is, what we can do with it, and why it matters (especially in business). 614 more words


First Date Jitters: First Meet-Up With a New Friend & Review of Aropoe's Happy Hour


Planning a first “date” with a new friend can be just as daunting as planning a first date with someone you have a romantic interest in. 1,042 more words