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Is a Coffin on Mars? (Pic)

Did NASA’s Curiosity Rover photograph something more than just a barren wasteland on the surface of Mars?

Check out this video and judge for yourself… 48 more words


Organics on Mars!! A clue to finding life? #AGU14

A new update from the Mars Curiosity rover reveals that methane has been detected on Mars… which could be a clue suggesting there was or is life on mars! 303 more words


Mars at Perihelion

Friday December 12th the planet Mars reached a point in its annual orbit around the Sun when it is the closest to the Sun. This is known as perihelion and for Mars it will be 1.3812 AU (206,624,579 km; 128,390,561 miles) from the Sun. 279 more words


Mars and Neptune at Heliocentric Conjunction

Saturday December 13th the planets Mars and Neptune are at heliocentric conjunction with both planets having approximately the same heliocentric longitude of 336.8o. From a perspective above the solar system the two planets are in a… 42 more words