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Mars Attack final report

This post is about all the assets used, the creative process of making the Mars Attack Audio Environment and lastly a self reflective evaluation.

Process. 650 more words

Mars Attack

Mars Attack Audio Project complete and Uploaded

I have now finished my work on the 2 minuet audio environment. Link:

Creative Industries 5.

Audio Project: Mars Attack on New York: Audio Script

The Audio environment will last for 1 minute.

This audio project is about Aliens from Mars arriving in New York and decimating it to the ground. 125 more words


Audio Project Mars Attack Audio sements

I have found the audio files from Freesound.org to start making the audio environment of Martians attacking New York.

As I have multiple audio files of people screaming I have decided to splice them together into one or two seperate files with Audacity for convinence when editing the audio into video format.


Audio Project: Mars Attack on New York Brief

The 1 minute audio audio project is about capturing the moment the Martian Space Saucers attack New York.

At the end of production I will upload the video to YouTube and link it to a WordPress blog. 297 more words

Creative Industries 5.