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The Sham of the Mars Hill Board of (so-called) Accountability

Considering the range of kangaroo courts that people have been made aware of, there is probably not a more obvious example than the Mars Hill Board of Accountability (BOAA).  1,096 more words

Theological Issues

Mars Hill Church Announces New Policy of Destroying Staff E-Mails After 90 Days

Seattle-based Mars Hill Church has announced a new policy of destroying staff e-mails after 90 days. The megachurch was recently in the news for pastor Mark Driscoll’s deceitful method of putting his book… 137 more words


The Wicked Hem In the Righteous

As Throckmorton says:  the plot doth thicken.  Mars Hill Church orders those involved with them to start deleting emails that might bring to light the truth.   249 more words


Mark Driscoll's Apology

Recently, Pastor Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill Church sent out an apology to his church. You can view the letter on this “link”

After I read the letter I was a little surprised but not shocked. 651 more words


Never Let a Serious Christian Crisis Go to Waste

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve seen quite a bit of rage and Christian drama recently. First, the U.S. branch of World Vision (a Christian charity) in the span of two days publicly announced that they were going to hire individuals in homosexual marriages–only to rescind the decision to days later in an outpouring of Christian leaders, bloggers, and financial supporters going up at arms. 375 more words

Mark Driscoll Resetting Life

The link below is to an article that reports on the latest news concerning Mark Driscoll and various issues concerning his ministry at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. 11 more words


The Cowards on Mars Hill

A number of us have been watching the unfolding carnival of Bread and Circuses that appears to be Mars Hill Church in Seattle. We hear the stories of abuse, the calls for the senior pastor to step down, the evidences of… 663 more words