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Some Other Beginning's End

I suppose that with a title like “A Blank Page” blog, with claims about new beginnings, it would be more apropos to have a gallery of sunrise photos, but that’ll have to wait ’til I become a morning person. 58 more words

Closing Time

wading into the darkness

The Marseilles Trilogy
Total Chaos, Chourmo, Solea
Author:  Jean-Claude Izzo

Total Chaos, Chourmo and Solea, the Marseilles Trilogy, reach for the darkest of depths of society and human emotion.  940 more words


Day 24 - La Lune


‘All of the rigid shapes of the night are annihilated by my light, starting with reason.’ – Jodo

A huge gap in the routine, although in retrospect  it seemed like a gestatory period, waiting for tonight’s full moon. 35 more words


Hommes Sur Le Tour, La Deuxième Partie: Marseilles

Part one is available here but not here.

14 July 2013

Refreshed by a sensible night and a full compliment of sleep we gathered in the fashionable common room of our hostel.   565 more words


Regarding That Night in Paris...

We left Marseilles by train just as the sun was rising over the Notre-Dame de la Garde, a massive bleached basilica that towered over the Mediterranean city. 660 more words


Coffee in Paris?

I used to dream of sitting in a café in France, drinking coffee, looking fabulous, and be adoringly gazed at by my lover.

Unlike most of my teenage fantasies, this one actually came true; although this particular post is less about the lover and ALL about the coffee. 214 more words