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Star Wars LEGO Cake

Do you need to connect a bit with your spouse? I Highly recommend buying and building a Star Wars LEGO set. My husband and I had a lot of fun, and got some surprising alone time while buying, and assembling the ship for this cake. 287 more words

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Jungle Cake

I have been learning about gum paste cake toppers like crazy the last little bit. Its been both a challenge, and easier then I thought it would be. 453 more words

Marshmallow Fondant

Woodland Animals Cake

I have been learning about gum paste cake toppers the last few weeks. I have had vary little experience with them up until this point. So when I was asked to make a woodland cake, with woodland creatures for the toppers, I made sure my friends new it would be a first for me! 423 more words

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rhs graduation cake

graduation cake for a coworker’s daughter from may 2014, they were throwing a graduation party and wanted a simple chocolate cake iced with chocolate ganache, with white fondant and black and red polka dots (school colors). 72 more words


Potato Pile Cake

How dose one make a cake look like a pile of potatoes? That was the thought that ran threw my head when a friend phoned and asked if I would have time to make a  goodbye cake. 334 more words

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Some cakes from 2013 & 14

The last couple years have flown by, and been the craziest of my life! Having twins is sure a gift but also absolute craziness!! So…needless to say my cake numbers have severely diminished in numbers, but I have managed to complete a few! 31 more words

Montreal Canadians Cake

One thing Canadians are known for is our LOVE of THE GAME. What is THE GAME? Ice Hockey! If your Canadian and not completely obsessed with one team or another, you have a family member, or multiple family members that are. 320 more words

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