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Blushing Blossoms / A Tutorial

Blossoms are the vary first fondant flower that I learned how to make. They have become one of my favorite. So simple and yet they can add so much to your project. 1,641 more words


Homemade Marshmallow Fondant

This is the first time that I made the fondant from scratch, and I think that I will be making it from now on. It tastes better (less chalky), was easy to make and is a WHOLE  lot cheaper than buying pre-made fondant from the store. 147 more words


Decorated Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite things to do when I feel a little down is to make decorated cookies.  I only like doing them when I want to though not when someone asks me.  449 more words


Sock Monkey Cake! :)

This cake was so much fun to make… plus the new chocolate icing recipe made it turn out just right! Only glitch I had making this was my hubby couldn’t resist the first batch of cake I make and I woke up to one of my layers of cake missing… Lol. 66 more words

Girls just wanna have...cake!

One of my friends once told me she thought I had children simply so I can post funny things about them on the Internet. This is quite possibly true as I realised that having a girl (she’s just turned one) has opened up all sorts of blogging topics and possibilities in the kitchen too, including my first attempt at a cake for Hinamatsuri, or Girl’s Day. 835 more words

In The Kitchen

My first wedding cake

This post was previously posted on my personal blog.

My first wedding cake.
I learned a couple of very important things from this.
1st- don’t do an out of state wedding unless the person is family or someone has a well equipped kitchen. 1,364 more words


Kids Cakes!! Cake Ideas and Tricks

So It’s that time of year!

I LOVE planning my kids birthday parties! They usually spend all year throwing out different party themes they’d like and ideas for cakes, games and party favors. 676 more words