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Cupcaking around

Both my parents were 60 this month. When I was younger, I thought that was how you found someone to marry. You just had the find someone that was born in same month and in the same year and then you had to get married. 402 more words


Cute And Versatile Marshmallows Sofa


Each and every time I look at the clouds, I regret that I can’t lie on them due to the fact they look so cozy and inviting. 36 more words

Everything #112: Mochi-like Pastillas

April 22, 2014: This day got me excited for this cool dessert I ordered in the office: A pastillas with marshmallows inside! This Pinoy dessert coating a marshmallow is nothing I bet you ever heard of. 32 more words

Photo Of The Day

Marshmallow Castle and Catapult

The Babe is starting to like to build things. She was not the one year old who played with Duplos, even then it was all about the paint brush. 209 more words


Cooking Real Sweet Potatoes

After Ed had heart surgery, for a five bypass, we changed our eating habits. Sweet potatoes were preferred, so I had to buy them, and learn to cook them and like it. 275 more words


It Started with Fire

I could only imagine how our ancestors felt when they discovered how to make fire. So here I was going over The Chive to satisfy the night’s urge for some manly knowledge when I saw this… 70 more words


SO IT BEGINS: Bonobo Learns How To Build A Fire, Roasts Marshmallows

Just yesterday we learned about the Houdini honey badger on BBC2′s Natural World, and now another HOLY SH*T clip has premiered on BBC’s Monkey Planet… 154 more words