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Possums dainty paws and fathomless eyes have always lent him an air of rarefied feminine grace and mystique. Until his increasing fame recently brought him confidence however, he has always felt self conscious about how his figure and lack of cleavage appear in a dress. 13 more words

Dinosaur asteroid took mammals to brink of extinction

The asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs 66 million years ago nearly took early mammals to extinction, a new report reveals. Researchers in Scotland and the US… 292 more words


The Virginia Opossum: Oakland County’s Mysterious Marsupial


What animal lived during the age of the dinosaurs, gives birth 13 days after a honeymoon, has thumbs on their hind feet and is falsely accused of being, 498 more words


Reproductive strategies vary wildly

“But I still don’t know why there aren’t any marsupial whales!”

This was the reaction of my date – let’s call him WR – to our most recent liaison. 725 more words


Crash Bandicoot

When you think of company mascots, Mario (Nintendo) and Sonic (Sega) are the two biggest that come to mind. However in the mid 90’s, Sony introduced a character they hoped would be their Mario: Crash Bandicoot. 550 more words

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Common Ringtail Possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus

Common Name: Common Ringtail Possum

Scientific Name: Pseudocheirus peregrinus


Distribution and habitat: Common Ringtail Possums are found in eastern and south-western Australia, and in Tasmania. They live in rainforests, forests, woodlands and gardens. 91 more words

Kimberley Jane Pryor

Koala Phascolarctos cinereus

Common Name: Koala

Scientific Name: Phascolarctos cinereus

Distribution and habitat: Koalas are found in eastern and south-eastern Australia, but not in Tasmania. They live in eucalypt forests and woodlands. 100 more words

Kimberley Jane Pryor