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The tree-kangaroo... and then what?!

We all have an idea of what is a kangaroo, hopping around, eating leaves, presumably boxing champions. The truth is that they spend most of their time lying on the ground and… 131 more words

Something About Earth

Species focus - Tasmanian Devils

Okay, so a Tasmanian Devil might seem like an odd choice for someone born and raised in Canada, but I have relatives in Australia and I went there once when I was a kid. 371 more words


Die antwoord cameo

So, presumably a lot of folks have already enjoyed the dubious pleasure of seeing Die antwoord’s new music video for Ugly boy. In all likelihood many of Possum’s fans have also wondered if they were right in assuming the assertive marsupial rapper making a brief cameo in the gruesome but attractive spectacle is Possum himself (not a picture)? 78 more words


Possum partakes of the food of gods, sustenance of heroes, joy of angels – chocolate! To possum the “brownish joy”, or “moulded pornography” as some prefer to call it, serves not only as a pleasurable means of sustenance but as a reminder of his American roots. 131 more words

Opossum Trilogy, part deux

Yesterday, I started telling about the opossum incidents. Today I present part two of the three part saga.

That big flashlight turned out to be a good investment, when yet another miscellaneous skittering sound roused me from sleep two nights later. 1,609 more words

The Opossum Trilogy (Alternately, my cat is crazier than yours)

Big news. Bria and I learned all the dance moves to the chorus of Britney’s Oops!… I Did It Again. Don’t try to pretend your Sunday night was better than mine. 1,777 more words