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Kangaroo privates

Biology: Female kangaroo have three vaginas. But that’s not where there matting oddities stop.

A Kangaroo can if she wishes be pregnant almost constantly. It all starts with with her releasing hormones to attracted a mate from her mob (mob realy is the collective noun for kangaroos) After a bit of wee sniffing the guy dose his duty. 145 more words


Platypus Discovery

Sometimes detours are some of the best tours.  I’ve only ever come across a platypus once before in my life, and I must say, I find them to be mysteriously interesting creatures.  231 more words


Some mothers do 'ave 'em

A quick outing this afternoon led us to Bendalong, the scenic walk around the headland and a lovely quiet patch, with lillies, soft grass and kangaroos. 38 more words


Kangaroos need their tails, new research

This video is called Kangaroo Walking.

From Wildlife Extra:

A fifth leg helps kangaroos walk

Red kangaroos may be one of nature’s best hoppers, able to lope along at speeds of up to 12 miles an hour on their hind legs, while their two front legs seem to dangle obsolete.

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Today's #WednesdayWombat leaves no poet unturned! #GoingRogue

This adorable-animal-behaving-badly story from renowned Tasmanian poet, Sarah Day, whom we sincerely thank for being brave enough to share her story of fear and marsupial bloodlust. 505 more words


Going Rogue - Adorable Animals Behaving Badly - share your stories of faunal terror!

Have you met an adorable animal behaving surprisingly badly?  C’mon and let us know!

Last month’s publication of the story of the herpetologist-mugging wombat prompted an outpouring of “me too!” stories, regarding animals we had thought of as harmless, fluffy, or borderline inanimate behaving in ways which were both unexpected and frankly, quite terrifying. 84 more words


The Paralana Trail

Dear Reader 

It’s winter but you’d hardly know it. The afternoon sky is a clear endless blue and though there’s a hint of the approaching night’s cold desert chill, the temperature is still a comfortable 25 degrees. 559 more words

South Australian Wildlife