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October 24

Bilbies to make up for that rabbit and all those ugly eel monsters. Pure Australian cuteness! Gigantic feet and fluffy tails! Bilbies are cool, ok?

Sketch Blog

Pabu. Hands are FRIENDS, not FOOD.


Small Victories

Slowly but surely, I think the gliders are getting more use to human interaction. I started getting the tent out again, so that they could have a tiny taste of freedom. 253 more words


Howling 3: The Marsupials – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 20

The Howling 3 is a bad movie, and I kind of like it. The first half anyway. Whereas the second movie in the series was bad and kind of dull this one is bad and weird, which is much more entertaining. 91 more words



The country’s rich variety of mammals has been decimated in recent years, with the IUCN now listing 100 species as critically endangered.  Shockingly, 29 species have become extinct there over the past 200 years, giving it the unenviable notoriety of having the worst rate of mammal decline in the world.  349 more words

Wildlife News

Extinct giant kangaroos, new research

This music video is called Saint Saens: Carnival of the Animals~Kangourous (Kangaroos).

From daily The Independent in Britain:

The mystery of the extinct giant kangaroo is solved – it didn’t hop…

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