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Algebraization isomorphism, formal existence, mod p

Let $X$ be a smooth projective variety over a scheme $S$ being the spectrum of a discrete valuation ring of mixed characteristic $(0,p)$. Let $X_n$ be the respective thickenings of the reduced special fiber $X_1$. 173 more words

Save relationship with multiple columns

I have an Laravel application and I am migrating the old database to a new database. I have made some changes in my tables, added some new tables and I deleted some tables. 434 more words

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Using OAuth for authentication

We have build two webapplications in our company:

  1. A main application, build in Angular JS with a Laravel API
  2. A other/second application, also build in Angular JS, but with a CodeIgniter API.
  3. 160 more words
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Explaination of OAth

In our company we are building an webapplication with the PHP Laravel framework. Our users are logging in the main application. From the main application they could open another application we have build. 119 more words

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Can't get android intent to work as desired

I have a simple app created with the Titanium classic template. To launch the app by clicking a link on a web page I followed the instructions at… 366 more words

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How useful are UML diagram and sequence diagram?

I’m learning about UML diagram and sequence diagram at the moment in one of my courses for my CS degree, and I wonder that if this is something that is common to use for developers or if this is just one of many approaches to analyse the design of the system. 55 more words

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New York 2014: Wes Bender Studio NYC brings Zesto, E.A.R. and Marten, weaves magic

Wes Bender is a fantastic photographer and he’s way more meticulous about it than I am. He’s shown me some of this work — specifically, the G-rated product stuff — and told me about the process by which he “finishes” it. 1,131 more words