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Work Like You’re Eight Years Old

Many articles I’ve been reading lately suggest that your personality is formed at around the age of eight. Oh sure, you’re not yet registered as a Republican, and your musical taste may run more toward Cookie Monster than Coltrane, but the basic building blocks of your personality are set. 626 more words

Job Search

Child on child abuse the hidden pain – Does my abuse not count?

For Pay My Rant
When people talk about child-abuse, it is often the same (horrific) story: an older person forcing a younger under-aged person to do sexual deeds against her or his will. 1,736 more words


What are you Afraid of?

It is no surprise to anyone that we live in a culture of fear. For the first time we actually have most of our needs met. 1,015 more words


Addictions, Consequences, and Directions

I’ve been reading … well, let me clarify, I’ve been studying …“Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck for some time now.  I’m still only at the beginning, because I don’t move forward until I feel I understand what I’ve already read. 574 more words


A Pathwork Lesson

I had just thought that one must heal another, guide another from their truth, not my truth, when I read pretty much the same thing in Martha Beck’s book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World (which I highly recommend). 129 more words

Looking for happiness

There’s an old Sufi story about two men who encounter each other walking along a country road. One of them, a wealthy nobleman, has a bag slung over his shoulder and a dejected expression on his face. 209 more words