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I’m a big fan of Martha Beck‘s writing, and one day got curious about who had designed her welcoming website. Scrolling down to the very bottom, I found the answer: … 533 more words


Bookstore Epiphany...

Up until several years ago, bookstores were magical places to me. I still love bookstores but as I’ve grown older, the mystery of what is between the cover, whether it hard back or paper back, sung a siren’s song to me. 813 more words


change is constant

Like death and taxes, change in life is certain. So why do struggle with something as common and everyday as change? We seem to hope that the things we love will stay exactly the same for as long as we want them to, just because we love them. 709 more words

Alleluia (2014)

Review first published by Film4

Descriptive synopsis: Fabrice du Welz follows up Calvaire and Vinyan with a tale of murderous lovers, drawn from a… 349 more words

Book Review: Expecting Adam

Having a summer without classes has allowed me to read of few things for enjoyment, yay! Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic by Martha Beck was just one of them. 270 more words


a breath away

A few nights ago, I held a friend’s two week-old baby girl in my arms.

A few nights ago, my ex’s father passed away.

The fact that life and death is just a breath away from each other does not escape me. 117 more words

Life Lessons