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Plan Accordingly

I’m off to a good start.  Planned my day to include 20 minutes of combined walking and jogging.  Promise made…promise fulfilled. Feeling good and want to keep that feeling going.   185 more words

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A Recipe for Life

Martha Beck, best-selling  author, life coach is a popular columnist in Oprah’s magazine. Visit her website to learn more about her or click on the image to see more of her quotes and books.

Quotes By Women


Everyone is haunted by something.

Be it love, disappointment, loss, or the ghost of who we are at our core – we are haunted.

Our ghosts can propel us in a myriad of directions. 499 more words

Life Lessons

"The grass is greener when you water it." + FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

“How could you not know that about Cindy? It was on Facebook!”

Insert look of WTH? How did you NOT know that Cindy’s father won the lotto, that Amy’s starting a new business or that Fernando (your high school  friend’s little boy) just started walking?!?! 530 more words


Fasting vs famine (when is it OK for writers NOT to read?)

Having just come back from a truly unplugged holiday (minimal solar lighting for 2 weeks and literally no plugs) where I binge-read novels like a starving person, I realized that I’d been going through something of a reading… 1,711 more words


I stalk authors.. just saying...

I stalk authors….yea.. you heard right.  I do. My first “stalkee” was Martha Beck…Oprah’s coach (to drop a name ) and a well known author and life coach. 350 more words