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The Pyjama Game, redux

This is actually an old post– from the sounds of it, is from October 2013, since it speaks of my rotator cuff injury– which I overlooked and left as a draft.   2,747 more words

Cinema Spotlight: "That Demon Within" (full international trailer)

Hong Kong action auteur Dante Lam (THE VIRAL FACTOR (2012), UNBEATABLE (2013)) returns to U.S. screens with THAT DEMON WITHIN a taut psychological action-thriller revolving around a dutiful cop (played by the Hong Kong heartthrob… 131 more words


REVIEW: HATHAPAYI - ENTER THE MMA: India's first Mixed Martial Arts movie on JKD (Jeet Kune Do)-Martial Art founded by Bruce Lee

“Hathapayi” means a scuffle. This is a Bollywood’s first Mixed Martial Arts movie. It is a movie that shows the essence of the martial arts. It is also probably the first movie that attempts to showcase the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, the art founded by Bruce Lee, without being vocal about it. 989 more words

Martial Arts

Practicality versus shenanigans

SHENANIGANS – Your Martial Arts and Mine (pt2)

She hit on great points, especially about pressure testing – practicality is important. It’s hard for a lot of teachers and yudansha to get past the ego, though. 113 more words

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You Might be a Martial Artist if...

I looked down at my truck console and realized that, if Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle found my truck abandoned in the desert, they would have no trouble figuring out what my “hobby” is. 291 more words

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Guard Passing

“In my opinion, passing the guard is by far the most difficult aspect of BJJ.  If a guy has strong legs and active hips, dealing with his guard can be absolute hell.” — … 96 more words


Eclectic, hybrid, traditional styles

I recently challenged my thoughts on mixed martial art schools. When do combined systems cease to be a muddle and start to be something new?

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