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Mini-Event Schedule for Summer Camp

Monday 11th August

Order some great food.  Sajla will be preparing this food in her kitchens and delivering to our site.  If you would like to order, please do update the relevant comment section under the same image on our Facebook page, or leave a comment here. 99 more words

Martial Arts

The Secret Way of Tai Chi

“The Way Is the Way” — Lao Tzu

As with most other spiritual mysteries, the underlying secrets beyond the reach of the casual Tai Chi… 289 more words

Tai Chi

Martials arts and Zen

In his famous interview the legendary Bruce Lee advised to “empty your mind, become formless, shapeless, like water”.

Emptiness of mind is a foundation of Zen Buddhism. 334 more words

Martial Arts

Surprising Myself

I did it! It has been a long time coming, but I finally mustered up enough courage to enter my first Gi competition on the weekend and I did much better than I expected. 431 more words

SandLand (Toriyama Akira) - Manga

In a future world known as Sand Land, the one river that supplied the entire world had suddenly stopped, and the only source of water is from the greedy king’s overpriced water bottles.

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Hotai Says...

from Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple

“I’m too busy living to look for the meaning of Life.
Life is my purpose. Life itself is purpose enough.” 

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It’s sunday evening in Australia and things are going good.  Life in general I mean is just going really so much better than a month ago.   753 more words

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