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Product Review: Tai Chi Qigong

Product Review- Tai Chi Qigong

Author: Dr. Yang Jwing Ming

Available from: YMAA Publications

Today’s society dictates that as martial artists (and indeed all those who seek health, well-being, and fitness) we find different ways to maintain and increase outcomes for a healthy lifestyle. 337 more words

Kung Fu

Kick & Punch

This awesome game sponsored by letsplaygirls.com is an addicted martial arts game where you play as a fighter and you have to knock down all the enemies by kicking and punching them. 20 more words


You must not allow the opponent to put any force on you.

(Cheng Man Ching)

Newcastle Martial Arts

Self Defense Tips and Tricks

One important thing that people should know about is learning self-defense, however, this things is not given due importance. Truth is the safety of oneself and one’s property should always be on the top of the priority list of every person. 354 more words

An interesting Weekend

Hey there,

Just wanted to recap on one of the most interesting, jam packed weekends I have had for a long time. Having only been living in Vancouver for 6 days, my buddy and I had to drive 10 hours through the night, straight back to Calgary. 600 more words

Just For Kicks -- Visit the Capitol Classics/China Open at National Harbor

Before Ninja Turtles and Jackie Chan dazzled audiences with fancy footwork and artful agility, there was Bruce Lee in action movies and Kung Fu on the tube. 446 more words

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