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It is enough that you believe...

You are complete within yourself.  Your dreams, aspirations, goals are all valid and achievable.  It is enough that you believe.  Go forth and conquer. BPO

Martial Arts Sydney

Injuries, the nature of the beast!!!

Today’s session didn’t start out too well this evening. I was fine today but then I started the warm up and then the area around my knee became very sore again. 188 more words

Pop's Culture Shoppe

In the martial arts, we have to utilize our minds to their fullest extent for awareness, and cultivate our ability to respond to circumstances, as opposed to simply being a reactionary creature. 227 more words

Roughhousing: Relearning to inhabit my body

My son got back from visiting his dad’s family last week, and since then I’ve been catching him up on the kung fu movies that I’ve been previewing for us.  340 more words

The Only Variable

I took a night off from kung fu last night, which always leaves me anxious to get back a little faster.  My mind’s already in the guan. 638 more words

Martial Arts

Permeate the body with chi so that it may be pliable and thus follow the direction of the mind. – Wu Yu-seong