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Bugout Part 77 - The Lone Ranger's Car

The group was huddled around the front of the PC monitor, shocked looks on their faces. There was an Islamic flag in the middle of the screen, and around it were very high res pictures of Frank, Jane, Jerry, Jasmine, Jeb, Charlie, Hilda, Kurt, Mary, the Sheriff, Jackson, and Earl. 3,362 more words


Thailand Can NOT Catch a Break: Monk Pimp-Slaps an Expat

No, you didn’t read that sub-title wrong. A Buddhist monk delivered a series of slaps to a farang. It’s not clear whether the slaps were issued because the victim was a grown man wearing capri pants. 470 more words


Bugout Part 76 - Camp Video

Frank and Jerry walked out to the front of the park, where Gabe was working on the moat with Earl, Jackson, and Charlie.

“Gabe!” Frank shouted, trying to get above the noise of the backhoe. 3,414 more words


NHRC defends dictators

PPT has lost count of the times that National Human Right Commission boss Amara Pongsapich has trashed human rights.

PPT and many others have long pointed to the failure of the NHRC… 229 more words