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Kids Martial Arts Knoxville Tn, How Smart Students Use Their Instructors

How Smart Students Use Their Instructors

January 19, 2015

The majority of classes in bjj academies around the world are structured the same way: warmup, technique instruction and then positional sparring or free rolling. 423 more words

Martial, Epigrams 9.70: Cicero had a Reason to Lament, You Don't

“Cicero once said “What customs, what times!”
As Cataline laid out his sinful designs
And when a son and father-in-law met with dread arms
And dyed the ground red with civil blood. 109 more words


Kids Martial Arts Knoxville Tn, Advice for New Students on How to Roll

Advice for New Students on How to Roll

January 13, 2015

For the new student to brazilian jiu-jitsu, starting to spar can be an overwhelming experience. 544 more words

The Riddle Of The Sticks

Baston Serrada is a dance between the Line and the Circle.
Combat must  be direct. But if you are blocked, go around.

The stick is a strange weapon.

515 more words

The Difference Between a Finger and a Penis: Martial 6.23 (NSFW)

Caveat Lector: As so often with Martial, this epigram may be offensive to some.

“Lesbia, you’re always ordering my penis to stand up for you. Believe me, a cock isn’t like a finger! 50 more words


Essence of the Wanderer part 9

Yay, I’m posting again!  We’ll see if it lasts!  at least I have one and a half nanowrimo projects left to post…

Apparently I decided that all of this post will be made up of half-finished character stuff that leads nowhere, but hopefully looks cool, brings color to the universe, and…fight scenes.  984 more words


Martial on Marrying a Rich Wife (Epigrams, 8.12)

“You wonder why I’d prefer not to marry a wealthy wife?
I’d rather not be me my wife’s bride.
Priscus, a wife should be lower than her husband; 44 more words