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'The Lottery' recap: Stolen embryo

Season 1 | Episode 2 | “Rules of the Game” | Aired July 27, 2014

This episode begins right where the last one left off. Alison is carried into a black van by three mysterious men in black suits. 1,082 more words

Trailer for the Final Film in the Henry Fool Trilogy 'Ned Rifle'

I’ve never seen the first two films, ‘Henry Fool’ and ‘Fay Grim’ in Hal Hartley’s trilogy, so perhaps this trailer isn’t meant for me. It felt like a music video that I didn’t want to watch but Aubrey Plaza was in a bra and thigh high stockings. 6 more words


Insomnia - Guilty Conscious

I loved Christopher Nolan‘s debuts. Following, Memento and then Insomnia.
He showed all his great potential, flabbergasted us with his elaborated technique in the thriller genre. 502 more words


'The Lottery' premiere recap: 100 fertilized eggs

Season 1 | Episode 1 | “Pilot” | Aired July 20, 2014

Imagine living on the brink of human extinction because a mysterious infertility plagues humankind and no new children can be born. 1,083 more words

Government controls fertility in dystopian series The Lottery

A dystopian future in which the government controls who can get pregnant? For the new sci-fi conspiracy thriller The Lottery, the concept is fertile ground. 476 more words


The Lottery: TV review

It’s 2025. No one’s reproducing and no one knows why. In this dystopian future, women are no longer giving birth to children. Scientists successfully fertilized 100 embryos and a national lottery will decide who will be the surrogates. 257 more words