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Lacoste on Good Friday

Good Friday is the nightscape that best illustrates Jean-Yves Lacoste’s phenomenology of liturgy. On Lacoste’s view, liturgy arises from our decision to expose ourselves to our present  310 more words


Heidegger's "Schwarze Hefte" Not Very Interesting

Do you remember a few posts ago when I discussed the publication of Martin Heidegger’s “schwarze hefte” (black notebooks) and said something interesting will be revealed? 13 more words


Heidegger's Black Notebooks discussed - video of Trawny, Babich

At the Fordham website, Babette Babich, Peter Trawny, and Roger Berkowitz discuss Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’ (via Enowning). Michael Inwood discusses the books in  14 more words

Martin Heidegger

Being And Snookiness

Being and Snookiness
by Michael Maynard
April 12, 2014

Who else could write a column that has Snooki, J-Woww and the Situation with Martin Heidegger? 1,111 more words


Collection complète - 28 numéros "Arguments"

Edgar Morin, Roland Barthes,
Colette Audry, Claude Lefort,
Daniel Guérin,
Bernard Cazes, Martin Heidegger

200 €

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The Dronification of State Violence - published

I have just been notified that Critical Asian Studies have published my co-authored paper, “The Dronification of State Violence.” Here’s the abstract:

This article explores the shifting methods of U.S. 181 more words


Gary Habermas explains the reasons for Antony Flew's change of mind


Antony Flew on God and Atheism

Published on Feb 11, 2013

Lee Strobel interviews philosopher and scholar Antony Flew on his conversion from atheism to deism. 5,835 more words

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