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On happiness

“If you were to wake up tomorrow and your life was exactly how you wanted it to be, what would be different?”

If you’ve ever been in a graduate counseling program or have been involved in therapy, you’ve probably asked or been asked the “miracle” question. 822 more words

Mental Health

The Summer Reading List for Miserable Lawyers Who Want to Change

It’s officially summer, though here in the South, it has been dripping hot for at least 6 weeks, probably more. The heat and particularly the humidity long ago fried my brain. 2,211 more words

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Happiness (Sermon Series: The Sacred and the Secular Are Inseparable)


Life is very fragmented; therefore, so are opportunities for happiness. What I mean is that there are moments when everything’s coming up roses, and we can easily be happy about all that’s going on in our lives. 2,088 more words

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How Do You View Your Work?

How do you view your work?

As a Job, Career or Calling?

Martin Seligman, former president of American Psychological Association (APA) and Robert A. Fox Professor of Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania) talked about the three ways of work orientation in his best selling book, … 144 more words

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Thinking Positive

Having been much of a thinker for most part of my life – I have been thinking ever since I existed, and I am still thinking just so you know, and not only as a thinker, but also as an experimenter – I have arrived at the conclusion.  371 more words

The Meaning of Happiness

My youngest daughter, Josephine, had a birthday this past Friday the 13th.

At seven, she is dreamy, funny, contemplative and just delighted with herself. Typical of her age cohort, she tore apart her wrapping paper with a fiendish glee, strutted around in her brand new mermaid tail (though she has her doubts that mermaids actually exist, she still holds out hope that she can become one, say, as a career or lifestyle choice), and spent half the day talking to herself in the mirror as she is apt to do. 1,516 more words