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Authentic Happiness

You may know that psychology searches for treatments and cures for mental illness, but did you know they also seek ways to buttress us against illness and enhance daily life? 127 more words

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"Focus on What´s Working": New Management Article on Positive Psychology

***Mainly for readers who know German***

Yesterday, the new issue of “managerSeminare”, Germany´s premier monthly trade magazine on coaching, training, and HR topics was published. It features my… 31 more words

Positive Psychology Insights

Slideshare Presentation: "What and Why is Positive Psychology?"

For German speakers:

Yesterday, I gave an introductory presentation about Positive Psychology at a business club in my hometown in Germany. I´ve uploaded the presentation to Slideshare. 15 more words

Positive Psychology Insights

Finding your strengths, recognising what is right with you

This week I am continuing my new thought stream re-visiting Positive Psychology. I studied this topic at the University of East London when I attended the first European based… 422 more words

Personal Development

My brain gets a workout

Every week I do a report for my FLAFF (Footloose and Fancy Free) friends. As I’ve described in a previous post, the report is based on Martin Seligman’s book, … 1,156 more words

Day To Day Life

“Be positive, Think positively, You can do it” This is NOT basic sport psychology 101.

(This article written by Hannah McCormack Also appears in the popular Psychworks magizine.)

Being positive is about much more than thinking you can achieve what you believe, at least according to Positive Psychology. 1,211 more words

Sport Psychology

Discovering Character Strengths

For hundreds of years the merits of various virtues have been discussed by philosophers. Strengths have been used to motivate and inspire people to overcome adversity. 578 more words

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