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Grapefruit Martini

How can something so good be bad? Well, I went out with a couple of my friends to a sushi bar. They had a grapefruit martini on the menu, and being a warm day it just sounded refreshing. 228 more words



When splurging on a flavorful meal, it’s important not to neglect your beverage. While wine is always a good go-to, some dishes just require a different twist….like a twisted cucumber garnish in a sake cocktail. 60 more words


Mildred Pierce (1945 and 2011)

Mildred Pierce (1941 book, 1945 Michael Curtiz film, and 2011 Todd Haynes TV miniseries) is currently occupying my thoughts and my tastebuds. In all of three versions of the story, food – namely fried chicken, waffles and pies – is central to plot and characterisation. 2,396 more words


How to Make a Martini With Kahlua & Baileys : Gourmet Cocktails & Dessert Martinis

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Cocktail making demonstration by Soho House bartender, Raffaele Brattoli. How to make an Extra Dry Martini. 14 more words

Eagle Rock Private Bartender

Friday night Shaken Not Stirred served as private bartender for two couples in Eagle Rock who were having a small dinner party to celebrate one of the guest’s 40th birthday. 449 more words

Shaken Not Stirred

Watermelon Martini

WSJ July 2014 (Barcelona Eclipse)

Vodka, simple syrup,watermelon

Serve in martini style glass

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