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Dani's Junk Drawer: Marshmallow Edition

Good morning everyone! It’s nearly Easter…colorful marshmallow overload. I had an idea to bombard y’all with Peeps pics, however I found this instead. Peruse at your leisure. 133 more words


day 107/april 17, 2014

I always forget that there are so many cool things in the Chapel Hill area that have nothing to do with the university. It’s kind of a sad thing, really, that so many people live in the concentrated university bubble. 106 more words

Diyarbakır Ricky Martin’i istiyor

Ricky Martin, dünya turnesi kapsamında konser vereceği şehirleri belirlemek için internette anket başlattı. Şimdiye dek 14 bine yakın oyun kullanıldığı anketin ilk sırasına, İnci Sözlük ekibinin de desteğiyle Diyarbakır yerleşti.Dünyaca… 18 more words

What Sexy Tastes Like: Green Chartreuse

“Chartreuse, the only liqueur so good they named a color after it.”
(From bartender Warren in Death Proof)

Green Chartreuse has been my favorite liqueur for years. 370 more words


Throwback Thursday: Date #9

Remember Date #9?  He turned out to be a bit of a jerk in the end.  (Which just goes to prove my theory that you shouldn’t wait on a man who is 20 minutes late to a first date.  868 more words


Top 5 Martini Cocktail Recipes

The variations of martinis are as endless as they are delicious. Learn how to make 5 of the top varieties of the classic martini, including tips for presenti… 6 more words

H. Harper Station

H. Harper Station, Reynoldstown

This place used to be a railroad station and when the owner turned it into a restaurant he kept a lot of character, I took note of the super high ceilings and exposed brick, clearly I’m no architecture buff but nevertheless I thought it was cool! 350 more words