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Marvel Heroes 2015 Review

Hello readers, I am back from my unscheduled hiatus and have another comic book inspired game to share with you all. While I was out I went and downloaded Marvel Heroes, an ARPG set in, you guessed it. 580 more words


Such hero, much IP

As mentioned in my last post, games are, in fact, fun and there are many good ones. Games whose flaws are so minimal as to be almost not worth mentioning, games even whose glaring, gigantic flaws can be excused by the rest of their gameplay. 1,122 more words

Face-smashing For Goodness!

Episode 37 - Mixed Marvel Arts Heroes

The Mixed Marvel Arts Podcast grinds out more levels in a return visit to Marvel Heroes. Brian runs down how vendors, crafters, and the inventory stashes work for Shaun, and then he debates which new costume to buy. 109 more words


My Marvel Heroes team

What is Marvel Heroes?

Heroes Roster (20-08-2014)

This is my most playable heroes

 Following this guide here.

 Following this guide here.

 Following this guide… 21 more words