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Reading in 2015: a One-year Plan

Hopefully, this will become an annual tradition: mapping out a year of reading in advance and reporting on it as I go. Last year, I sunk my teeth into structural Marxism and find myself greatly enlightened on how history marches forward. 606 more words


The Marxist Perspective on Education

Traditional Marxists see the education system as working in the interests of ruling class elites. The education system performs three functions for these elites:


Constructing the Past in Turkey

Construction is as common as tobacco-choked air and urban haze in modern Turkey, the result of an expanding economy and a need to circulate and realize capital pouring into the country. 440 more words


Marxism 01 Antonio Gramsci (W1L1)

Antonio Gramsci, “The Formation of the Intellectuals” & “Hegemony (Civil Society) and Separation of Powers”


Materialism, Dialectical Materialism, Historical Materialism

Materialism is the belief that “matter”, or physical substance, is the only thing that exists. 1,772 more words


Pablo Neruda's Poetry of Love and the Void

Travel produces vigorous hungers in the would-be world explorer. It’s as if the body’s cells, knowing that you have lost the anchor of familiarity, press their case all the harder. 714 more words


Book Review: In Defense of the Terror by Sophie Wahnich

I must admit that, even after a careful reading, Wahnich’s in Defense of the Terror evaded my full comprehension. Before opening this short book, I assumed it would be a revisionist or politically pointed historical study. 761 more words


What is to be done!

Hindutva can never free itself from its lumpenism and parasitism because it is the ideology of a irrational conservative petty bourgeois and its reactionary mercantilism. Its reclaimatory political and religious-cultural activism is a pseudo activism without truth content; it is vacuous, rhetorical and grounded on hypocrisy and lies. 1,954 more words