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Marx: The Historian who Ignited History

Marx was not an academic historian, nor was historical writing his predominant intellectual work. But as often happens, the demands of his revolutionary politics required interventions in the field of history. 719 more words


Cracks in the Mirror: Pop Criticism's Vulgar Reflectionism

Today’s launchpad for discussion is David Bordwell’s article “Zip, zero, Zeitgeist,” a critique of film criticism published on his blog. In it, he excoriates critics for substituting vague appeals to “the zeitgeist” for substantial commentary on a film. 1,344 more words

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Everybodys Reading - 100 years of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Leicester celebrates 100 years of the book ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’, as part of the ‘Everybody’s Reading’ festival.

Come and find out why this excellent book still inspires great passion and affection a century after it was first published. 158 more words


Soundtrack for a Police State

Police have made themselves a spectacle in Ferguson, Missouri. While the job of defending white capitalist state power and brutalizing black people is never a clean business, the debacle in the St. 717 more words

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David Harvey on the Commodification of Art and the Aesthetics of Daily Life

The struggle to produce a work of art, a once and for all creation that could find a unique place in the market, had to be an individual effort forged under competitive circumstances.

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Public Meeting - Is the Future Green? Socialism and the Environment

The SWP’s Martin Empson, author of “Land and Labour, Marxism, Ecology and Human History“, treasurer of the Campaign Against Climate Change’s Trade Union group and one of the initiators of the One Million Climate Jobs campaign, will be speaking at a public meeting entitled ‘Is the future Green – Socialism and the environment’, hosted by the SWP this Wednesday, 6th August. 91 more words


No Progress: Edward Said on Palestine and Zionism

Rather, I think, Zionism’s effectiveness in making its way against Arab Palestinian resistance to it lay in its being a policy of detail, not simply a general colonial vision.

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