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The People

Communism is, as we all know, an incredibly controversial topic. There has been countless debates on its plausibility, its economic structure, its political structure, etc. However, regardless of the where the volume of conversation is apportioned, the  1,287 more words

Mao on the importance of practice

Mao Tse-tung: ON PRACTICE

Mao writes in detail about the conception of knowledge within the dialectical historical view in ON PRACTICE. To summarize some points briefly, Mao notes both perceptual knowledge (first hand experience, sense perception) and rational knowledge (logic) are necessary, and cannot be separated from each other like certain schools of thought (empiricists, among others) tend to do. 206 more words


fragment on non-Marxism, the non-philosophical use of philosophical terminology

“Labor force” (force du travail) is already a concept, but a radical one, correlating with the Real of the condition of the “Proletariat” as labor force that is non-reflected, lived, experienced.

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Types of Marxist Movements: Overly Philosophical Socialism (Part 2)

Poorly aimed socialist movements miss the mark, and defeat a scarecrow instead of the ruling regime. Furthermore these movements can add legitimacy to the governments that “defeat” yet another socialist movement. 381 more words

Classical Marxism


I have been concerned about an ongoing Obama presidency since H.J. Res 5 was introduced to congress in 2009 by Rep. Jose Serrano (D). Rep. Serrano has introduced similar bills on about six occasions that I can find, dating back to the Clinton presidency. 468 more words

Health Care

College Grades Inflated as College "Educated" Pay More to Know Less

There is no doubt as education becomes more feminized, American college students are paying a lot more tuition yet amass less and less knowledge as each year of study goes by. 468 more words


Zhang Haipeng (张海鹏) and Gong Yun (龚云) on the question of whether or not Marxism is a form of historical nihilism


张海鹏 龚云


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