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The Jewish Problem

Civilized people, of whom there seems to be a shortage these days whereever lefties and other tyrants and fascists meet to rant and bully against conservatives, people of JudeoChristian faith and those of us who believe in justice and the right of Israel to exist, must stand stronger together now than ever to help our brothers and sisters abroad defending there own lives, and Tel Aviv’s existence as well. 924 more words

National Politics

The Coincidences of Barack Obama

Wow! There sure seem to be a lot of “coincidences” here – most I have heard about before, but others I haven’t. I must confess, I haven’t checked these out, but most of them have appeared in various news programs and articles about him over the years. 1,814 more words

Our Revolutionary World in the Early Twentieth Century

If any period of time is to be labelled the ‘era of the modern revolution’ then surely the title should be bestowed upon the twentieth century. 1,792 more words

Between World Wars

Is Cuba turning back to capitalism?


above: May Day in Havana

July 2014

By Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny

In 2011, Cuban authorities adopted bold new Guidelines (Lineamientos) to deal with Cuba’s economic problems. 3,793 more words