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"Animal Fragments"--Editorial for Capitalism Nature Socialism

Dear All,

Yours truly has written the House Organ editorial for the coming issue of Capitalism Nature Socialism (June). It’s an attempt to reconfigure the relation to animality on the radical left, especially within marxism. 69 more words

Carnal Politics

Stealth Class Warfare: A Marxist Critique of Dishonored

Introduction: this is a paper I wrote for a class, which will explain its relative lack of tigerly finesse, that certain indecipherable dash of special I add to all the work I publish here. 2,136 more words


Engels: On the Exaltation of Man

So much is certain: comparative physiology gives one a withering contempt for the idealistic exaltation of man over the other animals. At every step one is forced to recognise the most complete uniformity of structure with the rest of the mammals, and in its main features this uniformity extends to all vertebrates and even – in a less distinct way – to insects, crustaceans, tapeworms, etc. 124 more words


"a glimmer of such a perpetual pleasure"

The distinct pleasure in the style, an almost utopian charge in the syntax itself tempts me to apply the comment to Bloch that Terry Eagleton first used for Jameson, namely, that he would have the oppressive pleasure of knowing that his works will be read in some future, postcapitalist society. 135 more words


Upcoming projects.

Hello people,

My apologies for the lack of posts. Third year has been absolutely manic. However, I have been mulling over some ideas and have come up with a new project, which I have devoted a little time to, but which will take precedence after I have finished my studies.  147 more words

Newsflash For Tripura India: It's Not Going To Work!

As India approaches election time, it’s first since 2009, Tripura, a state in northeastern India, holds claim to being the last remaining Communist state in the country. 389 more words

Belgium (Wallonie), Far-Left Party at 8,1% of Vote in Opinion Polls.

Regional Elections take place in Belgium on May the 25th.

La Libre Belgique reports that the new far-left alliance PTB-Go  is at 8,1 (+0,5) of the vote in the French-speaking region of Wallionie according to the latest opinion poll. 230 more words

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