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How Dare Redskin Star Quarterback, R. Griffin III Go Religious on Us!

Will the wonders of America’s feminism-atheism world ever cease? Will the NFL’s Obamaling puppets ever grow up?

THE PC NFL: RGIII Enters NFL Event with a ‘Know Jesus’ T-Shirt on the Right Way, Leaves with It Inside-Out… 83 more words


Will Hillary's Sleaze, Dishonesty and Corruption Surpass Obama's?

Isn’t 13 years of foul Hillary sleaze enough for decent Americans to endure? Are truth and honesty totally absent among the American Left, especially among its black racists, its feminists and university Marxists? 87 more words


NCPA: Majority of Americans of Adult Age, Are Now Single

Majority of Americans Are Now Single

September 15, 2014 from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

Allison Schrager of Bloomberg Businessweek reports that more than half of American adults are not married today — up from 37 percent in 1976. 216 more words


More Marxist Inspired Climate Hysteria

The ABC, ever the faithful Marxists, are driving climate hysteria once again.

This time, it’s rising sea levels:

Future sea level rises could put more than $200 billion of Australian infrastructure at risk, a report by the Climate Council has found.

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“The end of Marxist governments has liberated scholars from the rigidities of part dogma, and from the thunder of quotations from Marx, Engels and others previously necessary for publication…’Deconstruction’ has, in a manner of speaking, taken over from orthodox Marxism.”

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From the Marxist Archive: 16 September 1913 (Anarcho-) Syndicalism and the State.

Tom Mann, 16 September 1913 (Anarcho-) Syndicalism and the State.

“Workers recognising the necessity for industrial organisation and Direct Action…”


Syndicalism and the State – Tom Mann…

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Which 6m do we have to suffer ?

This list, compiled with the help of Toshiro, numbers 236! 

“The Holocaust is a successful historical FICTION”! ~ Chief Rabbi Arye Friedman from Vienna Suddeutsche Zeitung, Dec.

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