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The Marxist Perspective on Education

Traditional Marxists see the education system as working in the interests of ruling class elites. The education system performs three functions for these elites:


Deleuze: Nietzsche is "the dawn of counterculture"

“Probably most of us fix the dawn of our modern culture in the trinity Nietzsche-Freud-Marx. And it is of little consequence that the world was unprepared for them in advance.  65 more words


Forty helpful tips for anti-communists: A re-blog

I found this on the wonderfully-named ‘Stalin’s Moustache.’

1. Constantly insist that Marxism is discredited, outdated, and totally dead and buried. Then proceed to build a lucrative career on beating that supposedly ‘dead’ horse for the rest of your working life. 1,456 more words


Chris Wallace Can't Overcome ObamaMan McDonough's Lies and Dodges during Fox Interview

There have been at least a dozen of ObamaToadies representing the White House parading around Fox Cable news over the past few years regurgitating ObamaThink for the Islamist in our American White House. 218 more words


The Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, and Ron Paul walk into a bar…

The Washington Times reports that while in India delivering his speech “A Human approach to World Peace,” the Dali Lama identified himself as a Marxist: “As far as socioeconomic theory, I am Marxist… In capitalist countries, there is an increasing gap between the rich and poor… In Marxism, there is emphasis on equal distribution… ” 518 more words

Greece betrays democracy

A number of times I have compared Greece and Puerto Rico.  There are a lot of similarities.  Corrupt government, government dependent populace and powerful public sector unions.   693 more words

Puerto Rico

Read this book

“American Betrayal” The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, 2013, by Diana West

“The history and truth about Communism are not taught by our educators.” American Thinker, October 10, 2008:  … 99 more words

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