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Flash! Reporters Feel Insulted by Police, so they are Siding with Black Hoodlums at Ferguson .......


by Josh Vorhees at Slate:

Anyone tuning in to the nightly coverage of the protests in Ferguson has seen the reporters on the ground becoming part of the story. 259 more words


Trillions of White American Dollars Have Been Spent to "Better" the Urban American Black Since 1950 and we still get Michael Browns?

And the black mouths of the Democrat Party press STILL blame American white tax payers who forever pay dearly to re-elect con-artist Democrats who bribe blacks to keep blacks voting Democrat in their urban black plantations for the past six decades. 231 more words

National Politics

Gaza: divine purgatory or capitalistic inferno? — I

“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here” — Dante.

The plague of imperialist war afflicts Palestine yet again. Every now and then the Palestinians have to endure a cyclic phase of death and devastation courtesy Israel, for some a spoiled but blue-eyed brat of capitalism that suffers from an uninhibited guilt complex. 1,278 more words

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regaining my theory legs pt. 3: struggle and utopia, (null-)politics, the Spaßguerilla

The purpose of these posts is to reclaim and restart the discourse I was developing around a series of topics that bear on the question of Marxism’s status as a science, its usefulness and competence as a social and economic theory, and how one practically goes about living as a Marxist so that they can actually achieve a victory here and there for the proletariat. 1,811 more words


The Time of Economy

In his The Kingdom and the Glory, Giorgio Agamben demonstrates that the key distinction at play in the theological thinking on economy is that between monarchy and economy; between God’s being and activity. 919 more words


Creep Al Franken Comfortably Ahead in Minnesota U.S. Senate Race

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I have never missed voting for major political offices in my 59 years of voting. I even used to help Democrats Fritz Mondale and Hubert Humphrey win their political campaigns. 460 more words