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How and Why GTA has Elevated the Controversies of Video Game Violence

Over time, violent video game companies have injected ever increasing elements of realism into their games. Some of the most notable games to do this are games such as GTA 5. 1,756 more words


Open Letter To Canadian Politicians In Support Of The Nordic Model

A letter to the leaders of Canada’s political parties in support of the Nordic Model has garnered 858 signatures, http://feministcurrent.com/8915/open-letter-in-support-of-adopting-the-nordic-model-in-canada-garners-over-800-signatures/. For those unacquainted with the Nordic Model, the system criminalises the purchasers of sexual services but not the providers, the concept underpinning it being that women do not enter sex work voluntarily, they are exploited persons who require to be saved from prostitution. 197 more words

Obama to Free 200,000 Felons from Country's Prisons

Is Obama begging for more “ex-felon” Democrat votes in November?

Why is Congress allowing this Obama Marxist to continue to usurp the American Constitution? This impending directive must be challenged in the court. 171 more words

National Politics

Feminist "Justice" Sotomayor "Feels" Support for Court Racism

Something in archfeminist “Justice” Sonia Sotomayor’s past made absent a certain basic rule of democracy:

“Majority Rules with Minority Rights”…..and not “Racism Rules Despite Majority Rights”….. 29 more words


Lefty Mark Pryor of Arkansas Worried about Entitlement and His Senate Seat

The average age of Democrats in the U.S. Senate must be close to 100. Some of them, at least their carcases have recently given signs they will not return to their reserved seat in Washington running down the country at the end of this political term. 165 more words


But Hillary will be 70 in 2017......How Will She Cheat That Away?

Breaking: The party that mocked Reagan’s age & Dole’s age & McCain’s age & all those “old, white men” now claim Hillary’s age is off-limits! 22 more words


Krauthammer Applauds Court's Decision to End Racist Established Quotas

Affirmative Action is racist action in Itself. The Nation must be made free of such racist laws…..Thank you, at last, the Supreme Court of the United States! 73 more words