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The Obama Era of Sex, Drugs, Murder, and Ditziness

The Modern Liberal-Lefty Celebration of Freedom

All thinking people realize that some days are far better than other days. What is better for some, might be less better for others. 670 more words


Bob Seger - U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)

The trouble with songs satirizing the wealthy is the listing of their material possessions might still sound appealing and worth striving to acquire, even to those that won’t get to. 125 more words


What is Agenda 21?

Craig Rucker of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) sent the following article:


Doesn’t that sound nice?

Not when it means surrendering your economic freedom to dubious schemes that empower international bureaucracies, yet sustain nothing. 258 more words

National Politics

Napolitano: Bundy Ranch a Line in the Sand against Tyranny

Former Judge Napolitano comments below that the clash at the Bundy Ranch a couple days ago “was a line in the sand for many Americans”. 179 more words


TSA officers angry over new X-ray glasses

The National Reporter
TSA officers across the country are livid over the new X-ray glasses they have been issued that enable them to see right through clothing making it unnecessary for them to continue the practice of searching people with their hands. 469 more words