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Lenin: The Theory of Knowledge of Dialectical Materialism - Part Eight

The Criterion of Practice in the Theory of Knowledge

We have seen that Marx in 1845 and Engels in 1888 and 1892 placed the criterion of practice at the basis of the materialist theory of knowledge. 835 more words


Why Does the Human Animal View the Supreme God as Male ?

Over the past fifty years accompanying its devotion to atheism as their preferred religion, the world’s feminazi and feminist movements have been attacking, abusing, and denigrating the most humane, peace-oriented, and tolerance- inspiring religion, known to civilized ‘mankind’, American Christianity. 765 more words


Marx, List and The Materiality of Nations


Full Citation:

‘Marx, List and the Materiality of Nations’ Rethinking Marxism, Vol. 24, 1, January 2012, pp. 47-67.


Lenin: The Theory of Knowledge of Dialectical Materialism - Part Seven

Absolute and Relative Truth

From the standpoint of modern materialism, i.e., Marxism, the limits of approximation of our knowledge to objective, absolute truth are historically conditional, but the existence of such truth is unconditional, and the fact that we are approaching nearer to it is also unconditional. 460 more words


Remember the First International 150 years ago: remember the Kurds today!

By johnj

(right: Marx addresses the inaugural meeting of the First International)

150 years ago today  the First International (the ‘International Working Men’s Association’ ) was in founded in London by the likes of Marx, Engels and Bakunin. 177 more words


Jesus the red?

As the new pope settles into his job, it’s worth recalling that Christianity is built around the very opposite of a respected figure of authority, argued  2,441 more words


Marxism and its Relationship with Other Movements

Each country may already have political parties working towards some of the goals laid out here. In short, parties that seek true equality and work for the benefit of the vast majority of society are often in synchronization with this movement. 380 more words

Classical Marxism